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  1. Hi Bill, my mother-in-law is now gone and she was one that was not able to understand the true meaning of the movie. I am not under the impression that the new owners want to commercialize the Field of Dreams site, but the residents are wise to keep an eye on its progress. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

  2. Good stuff, Sue. Tell your mother-in-law that the movie is 5% baseball and 95% about hopes, dreams, redemption, family, and second chances. If all she’s seeing is baseball, she needs to watch the movie again. The new owners actually closed on the Field of Dreams property on December 28, 2012. Local residents have organized a group called the RAAC and are putting up a spirited fight to prevent over-commercialization of the area. So for now, major construction has not occurred. I have not jumped heavily into the fray, but if you’re a Field of Dreams fan, you can learn more at my Pinterest site (Field of Dreams Iowa), or by going to my website (Field of Dreams Iowa dot com). Go the distance! 🙂

  3. simplybydesign2 says:

    I love this movie and the house. Sorry I have not stopped by lately. Been buried in a to-do list and sick children.

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