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  1. Yeah! Happy to hear from you about the kitchen too. I still think about the kitchen and house on and off. I want a lemon tree, and oh those shelves that surround the refrigerator are wonderful. It is so nice to hear from you and could not agree more on how Switched At Birth is a wonderful platform about life issues for the deaf. Not that I know first hand, but did know a deaf lady for a few years that impacted me.

  2. Cynthia Vicario says:

    I’m so glad there is another individual that is inspired by the Switched at Birth Kitchen designs, coloring, groupings and overall finished product. Your spot on regarding the cheerful sunny inviting kitchen decor and fabrics. I researched and discovered Grande Designs by Greg Grande, a native Angeleno is responsible for that beautiful kitchen. I became interested as my deaf daughter began watching the series and great story-line. I love the show as it deals with real life issues a deaf young woman deals with, as well as the impact on a family. The show is very good at conveying deaf culture in comparison to the hearing world.Credit to your website as well, for it was great to know another person is passionate about that “Kennesh” kitchen!

  3.  @Jazmin Frutos  They often film on site, but also make their own sets and film from there is my understanding.  I know they did not film it all from the house itself.  

  4.  @Jazmin Frutos  Hi Jazmin  I see all your comments now, thanks for the email.  Did you also see my other Switched at Birth post with the real house on it.  Also, if this comment system is giving you trouble as it is I am in touch with Livefyre about it.  I may switched over to comment luv.  

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