On Location Production Motorhome Rental – MoPro Chicago

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On location production motorhome rental company called, MoPro Chicago, is a full service production vehicle for photo shoots, films, movies, and anything location related.

We are getting a look inside their motorhome today complete with director chairs, hair and makeup and wardrobe.  I think it would exciting to scout residential locations for movies or TV, and that is exactly what the owner of this vehicle, Kate Levinson of Levinson Locations, does for a living.

MoPro Chicago is a love story as Kate’s fiance, Mike, owns and runs a valet service.  “MoPro Chicago is what happens when a location scout falls in love with the owner of a Valet service.”  Together they are a perfect match, offering a full-service on location vehicle complete with valet-style service, setting them apart from other motorhome rental companies.  MoPro’s site says “Expect the service of a valet and the knowledge of a location scout.”  I was excited to learn Kate and Mike are getting married this August.

Let’s check out this fully-loaded motorhome to vanquish some of the mystery and curiosity of behind the scenes movie making.

On Location Production Motorhome Rental

This is about MOVIES, and FILM, and TV production, so you know I am in my glory.  Nevermind the family, no dinner was served last night, it’s every man for himself.  I have an important post to do about on-location productions!  First up is the rear make up station true to form with Hollywood lights, curtain, and Director’s chair.

Some nice cushy valet driver and passenger seats.  There is nothing small or cramped about the size of the kitchen stove, microwave, cabinets, or


on location production motorhome

The first makeup area with two Director’s chairs

Motorhome makeup area

and plenty of natural light.  A loveseat can also fit in this space.

Back staging area

Back staging area.

MoPro Chicago mtorhome

MoPro Chicago motorhome all set and ready to go….

On Location with MoPro

in action on location.

A blogger I follow woke up one morning to find trucks, lights, cable-cords, technical assistants, gophers, and boxes of stuff and stuff smack in front of her house starring an unnamed young actor who looked a lot like Darth Vader.  So you never know when an on location production might show up in your neighborhood let alone parked at your front door.

Mike and Kate

Mike and Kate the perfect match love story are to be married in August.

Mike and Kate owners of MoPro Chicago

Head over here to see amazing photos and story about Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.  Her Chicago location scout service can list your residence as a possible movie or commercial site available for shooting.

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