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  1. I love it! I am picturing the room with the slanted ceiling. When we are young we don’t care so much about these details. Kinda cool it was on the 3rd floor of the house too.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I lived in the third story of an old house when I was in college but it did not have any of the character that your MTM house had! There was no bathroom door and the ceilings were so slanted that I had to tilt my head to do the dishes! But I was on my own which was new and worth experiencing.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I know – can you believe that! So early to be demanding quiet! I was glad to later buy my own house…with my own rules!

    And I still play the guitar (and I drink too much wine!)


  4. There were many days I wish I could have moved back home to save money, but I have some fond memories living here.

  5. Ridiculous time frame to be QUIET especially with children. The house you had sounds so wonderful with an upstairs sunroom; honestly very unique and I love picturing you sitting there playing the guitar and wine of course.

  6. I think you have skill galore and as for energy I have to giggle and agree about that at this point. Snooping around old houses is fun!

  7. Of course we followed the same path to somehow meet here like a couple of twins. Can’t wait to read that post about your Queen Anne.

  8. The show didn’t influence me unless it was by osmosis, it was all just a coincidence.

  9. This Jamaica house you lived in is one of favorite things about you that I have learned. I paid $250 a month for rent there and your $115 a month to live in paradise is something I wish I could have done too. I wonder if we had the address if we could find it online?

  10. Hi Sue…just love that hiuse. I didn’t have the single MTM me house because I had kids early and went from my parents house to marriage to divorce…with two kids. But the house that was the most similar was an old house next to a church in my home town. I had the upstairs and tge landlady lived downstairs. It had two levels – my kids had the two bedrooms I had a little privacy. The thing that made me love the place was a little upstairs sunroom, which was screened in the summer and it had window seats on all sides. I loved to sit there, playing my guitar…sipping a glass of wine. It was so heavenly. Too bad tge landlady was crazy…or else I would have stayed there longer! She wanted no noise on Friday and Saturday nights (from 10pm on…) – a little difficult to do when you are in your 20s!


  11. What a beautiful old home! I love to snoop around old houses- well, any houses, actually, but old home are my favorites. If only I had the skill and energy to rehab such a home!

  12. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness Sue! I never watched MTM show but I too have a similar story! I lived in an old Queen Anne style house in Toronto for about a year then went on to live in a high-rise apartment (10th floor) which I really hated. I did a post on the old house I used to live in…. let me see if I can find it for you. It has since been converted into a trendy restaurant!

  13. what a fun post love how mary influenced you I remember watching the show as a kid

  14. I have never lived alone- went from the dorms, to apartments shared with too many roommates to marriage.

    I love your MTM me house – so much history there for you if you were dating your husband then.

    Although I love our little cottage, the favorite house we ever lived in was when we were in the Peace Corps in Jamaica. It sat on the Caribbean Sea. We walked down our drive, across the main highway that runs around the island, and we were in warm clear blue water. The windows had no glass, just wooden slats and we threw them open to the view immediately upon rising each day. It was a stone house with 3 bedrooms and three baths, came fully furnished and cost us $115 a month. I spent my last weeks of pregnancy on the front porch, lying in a hammock and gently swaying in the breeze. We have never been back to Jamaica and I often wonder if the house is still there or if it was bulldozed to make room for a hotel.

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