Is This Anything? The Incredible Edible Shed

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Is this anything?  Is this anything is an incredible edible shed type greenhouse or Incredible Edible House.  Get the idea?  No?  Well, the house is really a prototype waiting to go live.  The concept houses’ siding grows edible greenery.

The Wall Street Journal asked some architects to “design an energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable house without regard to cost, technology, aesthetics or the way we are used to living.”

Rios Clementi Hale Studios design is a three-story house.  “Slathered in a vertical garden that includes chickpeas, tomatoes, arugula, and green tea.”  Their incredible edible house would also conceivably shade and cool a house by absorbing heat better than wood, bricks, stucco or glass.

The house is a tall vertical taking up less space with a reservoir on the top of the roof that collects water and keeps the house cool.  Talk about containers!  The house is a prefab of containers stacked on top of each other ready to be moved by a trailer if necessary.

Is This Anything? The Incredible Edible Shed

Photo image Discover Magazine

It’s all good in my book to find more green ways to build and live.  I fancy myself grazing the exterior of my home living in the future.  I hope I live in sunny California, where this house was conceived because I know there will be no food growing to sustain me in the winters of the north.  I am still recovering from last weeks’ -17 degrees feels like -47 degrees weather.  My green siding will be gone and I’ll be frozen in time.  “Analyze This” me thinks about the bugs the food-growing siding would bring, not to mention lack of protection against the elements. 

Rainwater harvest system

Photo image Discover Magazine 

Maybe I exaggerate a tad, I am sure the house protects its happy future humans. The rainwater collection system waters the plants and feeds into the plumbing; I like this sustainable, food on the side idea house.

Is this anything?

Edible garden shed

Photo image De Stuurlui

A Dutch company has an incredible edible shed or eat house too.  The green living shed is a temporary edible modular house built with plastic crates.  I love the idea of a vertical edible garden shed instead of a traditional back-breaking garden.

Is this anything?

I hope you enjoyed this look at unusual houses or in this case incredible edible houses.

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  1. These are incredible designs, but I still feel there is some serious research needed to build energy efficient homes which also looks practical. As most of the homes which are energy efficient and environment friendly often difficult to implement in reality.

  2. Hi Nell, Thank you so much for the tips about the Carob tree and Camellia Sinensis and caring enough to comment here. I appreciate it. I feel a tad better about the bugs now too.

  3. When the architects were asked to design a house “… without regard to cost, technology, aesthetics or the way we are used to living” they were obviously without regard to horticulture practices either. A Carob tree grows a foot a year to a height of 50 feet and would not fit the space allotted nor grow well in a plastic crate. Camellia sinensis, the green tea tree also needs space.

    I would not worry about bugs. Good bugs eat bad bugs in my perfect world and snakes take care of any rat problem.

  4. When we were traveling by train through Norway, we saw house after house with the gardens on the roof of the house. Of course, this was the 24 hours of daylight time of year so I am not sure what happens in winter.

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