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  1. Oh thank you so much for the giggle today. You’re hysterical.

  2. stunning houses but you know billy joel is now on repeat in my head lol

  3. After you tour Highclear then I want to touch you to be part of such a wonderful wonderful experience.

  4. I almost went to the Shedd Aquarium while I had an 8 hour layover in Chicago with my 3 kids…fortunately, I thought better of it and got a hotel instead! I would love to tour Highclere and I will when I get back to England! Great sampler.

  5. You’re now the most interesting person in the world to me. I have not ever seen the metal lines on the inside of a house before. So cool that you designed a Marshall Field winter cottage. Hey Billy Joel, I have a great designer for you!

  6. Hey Sue! Thanks for posting the Billy Joel house etc. I would love to do some work for him…when he buys another home! He’ll have enough money once he sells this Hampton property.

    Those other properties are amazing!! Speaking of Marshall Fields…I once did a room for a Designer Showhouse that was the winter cottage of Marshall Field. Because of the great Chicago Fire, he (and many other homeowners) were so afraid of another fire like that. All of the electrical work in the home was by way of outside lines (you must have seen this – it’s a metal line that goes up the walls and then travels to the ceiling and across to where the chandelier would be. What an eyesore – and we couldn’t do anything to alter it (historic home). So I faux finished right on top of it to hide it. Came out fine…but of course that’s the first thing I would see when I walked in the room!


  7. You had me at …your daughter goes to the Hamptons frequently, very cool.

  8. Schweppe Mansion is gorgeous as is Billy Joel’s Hamptons house. I have never been to the Hamptons, but my daughter goes frequently to visit friends and it looks/sounds fantastic. Of course, it also is out of my price range.

    Thanks for showing such fun houses one can only dream about.

  9. Well why didn’t I know that? If I drove by all I would see is a gate. Lake Bluff and Lake Forest are getting famous.

  10. House Crazy Sarah says:

    The Lake Forest house is just down the road from Richard Marx’s and Cynthia Rhode’s (of Dirty Dancing fame) house!

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