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White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer

What does white paint on brick exterior and a little tow-behind trailer turned shabby cottage chic have in common?  Penny and her husband’s painted brick exterior with white paint completely transformed their homes appearance.  And, they changed the appearance of their trailer.  When the trailer is not in use, it …

DIY -A Cool Girls’ Bedroom Design Idea – Before and After Pictures

BEFORE AND AFTER BEDROOM DESIGN DIY- A cool girls’ bedroom design idea with before and after pictures.  Hi, I’m Sandra Wilkinson and I just redesigned my 11-year-old daughter’s pink bedroom into a cool-looking turquoise dream come true bedroom. The bedroom’s redesign could not come fast enough for Savanna whose bedroom …

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide Part 2

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Part 2 – the mantle. This is my introduction to Sandra’s Christmas theme that continues with the fireplace mantel. There’s not as much in the way of how-to about the mantle compared to the Christmas tree decorating, but she shares some easy to do tricks she …

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide

GLOWING CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING My sister’s glowing Christmas tree and mantle decorating are meant to be seen by the world and I am happy she agreed to a Christmas home tour where she is sharing how she accomplishes some of her amazing Christmas decorating.