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White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer

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What does white paint on brick exterior and a little tow-behind trailer turned shabby cottage chic have in common?  Penny and her husband’s painted brick exterior with white paint completely transformed their homes appearance.  And, they changed the appearance of their trailer.  When the trailer is not in use, it sits in their yard disguised as a shabby cottage.

Penny blogs at PennysTreasures (Penny’s Vintage Home).  She has a passion for decorating with pastels in her own style that is a mix of Shabby Cottage Chic, Country, and Romantic.  Penny knows how to turn trash into treasure and I mean treasure.  One such treasure is she and her husband, who she lovingly refers to as “H” in her blog, built a potting shed out of doors and windows they’ve collected over the years that could be on the cover of any Cottage magazine.

You can see the shed on her blog, but first let’s take a look into the creativity that is exclusively..Penny.  First is her brick house painted white and then we will see her shabby cottage chic trailer.

~Welcome To Penny’s World ~

We Painted our Brick! – by Penny of Penny’s Vintage Home

White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer

We painted the brick on our home and I can’t tell you how much I love the new look!

House Before and After

The brick on our house was ok, but pretty dull and dated.  I had seen some new houses with painted brick,  so we did some research and decided to update our brick.  We used Valspar masonry paint from Lowes. 

House and wicker repainted white

H also painted all of the wicker white while he had the sprayer out…

Brick house gets a paint makeover

Our granddaughter, Kyleigh, is ready to help Papa paint!   H painted the brick, trim. deck, security grates, and shutters.

Penny's Vintage Home decorating

 I have started to decorate, but still have a long way to go!

Penny's House Makeover

H puts the flag out almost every day…unless it’s really windy.

Penny's Vintage Home leaves on trees

The leaves on the trees are barely out.

Penny's Vintage Home front yard

H put some artificial grass along the walkway.   We have a lot of rock in our front yard (very low maintenance) and thought a little green might add some curb appeal.

Hosta and Hydrangeas

The Hosta and Hydrangeas are starting to peek through the rock, so there will be some more green in front of the fence soon.

Adding the fina white paintl touches

There is H on the left adding some final touches.   I will add some “final touches” to the porch and be back to give you a tour!

Now here comes Penny’s Shabby Cottage Chic trailer decorating idea.  If you have a trailer sitting in your driveway or on your property, you could use it as a backdrop and create a shabby cottage chic living space complete with fake windows, a front door, and stairs, plus she did a headboard turned home address sign, and more as featured here.

Cottage Trailer -by Penny of Penny’s Vintage Home

Cottage trailer

We have been doing some updating to the front yard…. painted the brick, trim, and all the furniture.  So, the little cottage trailer looked kinda shabby (and not in a good way, lol) !

Before and After Trailer Makeover

The picture on the left is how she looked last summer…what a difference!  Our little trailer is actually a tow behind trailer that we disguise to look like a cottage.  When we need it, we unscrew the window and drive away…the door is not connected!

Pink shabby chic door

The door got painted pink and I added some embellishments (some parts from an old rocking chair that had fallen apart).  I also found that cute RT 66 sign at HL…50% off, of course.

Painted chalkboard flower pots

I painted the flower pots with chalkboard paint and added some geraniums that match the ones in front of our house.

Dog house with mail call

I left the existing “dog house” but added a mail box…

Coffeetable turned into a Duck Pond

The new “DUCK POND” was the coffee table on the front porch last summer.   I didn’t want it to say “ice house” so H covered it over with a sign painted with chalkboard paint.   He attached it with duck…er…duct tape!   I stapled a shower curtain   (I don’t want it to blow away)   to our black bench….shower curtains weather well and can be purchased at a yard sale for a couple of dollars.

Cottage trailer duck decoys in the pond

My little duck family are decoys that my dad collected…

Cottage Trailer via My Vintage Home

I had to put up a “DON’T FEED THE DUCKS”   sign….lol!

Brick house and cottage trailer

I think the new look complements the theme of our home now!

DIY Home Sign out of headboard

I also added some white daisies and pink geraniums to our home sign……I made the home sign from an old headboard and added a wrought iron “home” sign from HL.

Thank you so much Penny for allowing me to feature you and your DIY creativity.  Here’s a list of favs I want to highlight.

Coffee table turned duck pond, a dog house with mail call, chalkboard flower pots, DIY door embellishments, Shabby Cottage Chic headboard turned into an impressive address home sign, and a complete new look for a brick shabby cottage chic house by simply painting it all white.

Please visit Penny’s Vintage Home blog to see her unique decorating mix of Country, Romantic, and Shabby Cottage Chic.  While you are there, check out her potting shed made of windows and doors called My Little White Potting Shed.

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