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Do It Yourself Decorating – New Orleans Style

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Do It Yourself decorating New Orleans style is a fabulous home decorated like you have never seen before.  It is by Melissa who could be a professional decorator.

I have a lot of favorite bloggers I follow and one of them that stands out because she expresses herself like no other is Cheryl who authors, A Pleasant HOUSE.  I never know what I will find there and it’s always good.

Cheryl’s recent post about her sister moving back to New Orleans called SECOND ACT is my featured post today.  Cheryl’s mother was an interior decorator and her sister Melissa inherited the talent, or as Cheryl says, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Here is Cheryl ~

       My sister decided a few years ago to move.
Property taxes had increased and she needed a change of scenery.
She went- she didn’t like- and she has returned.
But with a brand new attitude and an amazing new sultry take on her digs.
It really is kinda awesome, and smart, and fabulous.
And she said I could seat you for a look at her…
Second Act.
Do It Yourself Decorating - New Orleans Style Can you believe the depth she got from her wall color choice?
Decorating New Orleans style

Still moving things around-but you get a sense of her style

Cheryl said the paint color Melissa used on the walls is a MOCHA color mixed with high gloss that refracts all sorts of color.  The first photo shows this amazing effect.  Under the lighted lamp the wall appears pink and above the lamp the walls have a purple-pink glow and then some green.  Love her large trunk the TV sits on that is a family heirloom.  The art on the walls framed in gilded gold and gold and black glimmer even more against the mocha glazed walls.It pains me to not show the rest of this, as Cheryl calls it, sultry home because I love it so much.  Click over to A Pleasant HOUSE A Second Act for more do it yourself decorating New Orleans style to see a stunning black and gold mirror and more.

Thank you Cheryl and Melissa for sharing.

Happy 4th of July
DIY Girls Bedroom
Do It Yourself – A Cool Girls’ Bedroom Design Idea by Sandra Wilkinson is a fun Before and After bedroom to see.
All photo credit for Second Act goes to A Pleasant House 

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