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  1. Thanks for such a lovely comment. I stopped at your site and am fascinated.

  2. Thank you Katherine, I am having fun doing the hop and hope to be back next week.

  3. I am a fan! Wonderful post. thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

  4. I read Love Story ages ago, but I’ve never seen the movie! I do love that bit in “What’s Up Doc”! (Awesome movie, btw…)

    Thanks for such an interesting post. Hope you’ll stop by my blog and say hello!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  5. My daughter wants me to find the movie to watch again now too. I am a bit of a TV and movie location junkie myself.

  6. I’ve seen Love Story once a long time ago…I may need to watch it again! I loved learning about the locations for the movie -that stuff interests me a lot!

  7. I had a great giggle Erin on your line “How bad is that.” I am behind on watching lots of movies and series on TV, so we are both bad.

  8. I am embarrassed to say that I have never watched the movie…… How bad is that. I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time the other night!! I am so far behind with the classics….

  9. Thanks Jenny Lynn – I used to crochet and have forgotten how and want to get back to it someday soon.

  10. Love Story is such a great movie. I remember the first time I saw it and loved it. I like that memory you have about your mother crocheting you a hat with flower on it.

  11. I was thinking that Tipper must of known Al Gore as a Oliver IV/Love Story kind of guy.

  12. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I had heard that about Al Gore too… its a shame when he and Tipper split! Anyway, great houses from a great movie!

  13. This is so amazing Carol that I am still digesting it. I can see Tommy Lee Jones as a model for Love Story, but having trouble with the Al Gore part-LOL. I am wondering what small role Tommy Lee Jones had in Love Story and will have to watch it again soon to see if I can find him. Maybe he was one of the hockey players.

  14. At Harvard, his roommates were Al Gore and, later, John Lithgow. Erich Segal, who attended and later taught at Harvard, has mentioned both Jones and Gore as models for the character of Oliver in Segal’s novel, Love Story. Jones actually had a small role in the film version of Love Story, long before he was famous.

    I copied the above from

    I always knew that Gore and Jones were college roommates. I never knew the part about Erich Segal until recently.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful houses.

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