Frightening – I Know What You Did Last Summer – Movie House

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Scary movie house real estate for sale:  This charming, all-American looking home with a wraparound porch is none other than the house from the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”  That’s a must-see movie house for this month of October.

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famous house in Southport North Carolina


This really is a charming house isn’t it?  Don’t think about those scenes shot here from the movie, like when the killer is in Helen’s bedroom and cuts her hair – don’t think about that – if you can.  

TV & Movie HouseJust think about how charmingly wonderful the house and the property it is on is.  Houses with reputations get a lot of attention and this one is no doubt, not an exception.  Let’s look inside anyway.

famous movie house interior

movie house

It looks like original beadboard on the kitchen wall here and on the entrance wall above too.  Notice this kitchen does not show any real cabinets like we are all used to seeing?  And the pots are hanging from a rack that is attached to a chimney-like brick wall from past kitchen design of the early 1900’s.

famous movie house

There are a lot of antiques in all the rooms shown.

famous movie house living room

This house is really only a few blocks from the ocean.

bedroom in house for sale

large live oaksTV & Movie Houses

Famous Movie House:  This famous movie house is located at 308 W. West Street in Southport, North Carolina and is up for sale at $350,000 with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  There is a formal dining room and fireplace in the home, plus more.  The wraparound porch beauty of a house was built back in 1905 and has mature oaks as seen above, which is no accident as Southport is known for historic homes and large live oaks.   Southport, North Carolina has waterfront, marinas, restaurants, shopping, and galleries.

Interestingly, I learned that North Carolina has a lot of filming done there because it is the 3rd largest film location state.  Other films done there are A Walk To Remember, Domestic Disturbance, Summer Catch, Weekend at Bernie’s, and Crimes of the Heart to name a few.

TV & Movie house scene

I Know What You Did Last Summer!  It’s a lovely home and famous to boot.  Would you buy a famous house if you could?  As for buying a famous scary house, I would not have a problem if it was just a film that was done in the home, because that’s pretend.  If a house is famous for something terrible having happened on the property, that would give me great pause to buy it or not.


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