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  1. I think you are right Sarah. I read the towns people and friends saved their newspapers for him. I was just thinking that large newspaper companies could build a house out of paper for advertisement.

  2. Mr. Stenman had a curious mind and has invented something timeless. The place needs one of your dolls that has glasses on reading a newspaper.

  3. House Crazy Sarah says:

    That is truly amazing! What a great piece of history – and so wonderful to see that it is still in the family! Those paper rolls sure held up well over the decades – I think this guy was on to something! We should be paying attention! This is the ultimate in building with recycled materials!

  4. Wow! Some people really dedicate their lives to completing a vision. The number of hours to craft the home and the furniture must be staggering.

    Thanks for sharing this unusual residence with us!

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