Dreaming Big in a Tiny House: How One Couple Used Summerwood Products to Create a Backyard Airbnb Plus

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Rebecca and her husband who live just outside of Nashville built a life-changing adorable cabin in their backyard. They used Summerwood Products to build their tiny house because of the company’s DIY customizable home-building kits. Rebecca and her husband needed extra room for guests as their home was too small. They also needed to add to their income by renting out the cabin.

Their dreams came true as today they have a wonderful place for house guests and the cabin is a number one vacation rental destination in Nashville on Airbnb!

Summerwood did a Q and A with Rebecca and her husband.

Why did you decide to purchase a Summerwood building specifically?

“My husband and I chose to buy a Summerwood product specifically because we truly feel they have the best kit designs out there. We had looked at a few competitors and just felt there was no match for Summerwood. We loved that the designs are customizable, and spent a lot of time choosing exactly which style of cabin we wanted, how many doors/windows, etc. It was a fun process!

I wrote a bit about Summerwood on Converting Sheds into Livable Space – Minature Homes and Spaces a few years back. People do love Summerwood Designs, so make sure to check them out!

DIY backyard cabin built with Summerwood Products

Their life-changing summerwood cabin is adorable from the fairytale-style curved door to the happy bright cottage-style interior.

Popular adorable cabin is a DIY Airbnb built with Summerwood Products.

The sign in front of their woodsy cabin says Welcome to Nashville and many an Airbnb renter has enjoyed the welcome.

A top Airbnb in Nashville

I would love to stay in this cabin. I point out the blue kitchen cabinets that are an unexpected treat and the light above the bed is a beautiful amenity.

Clicking around the Summerwood Products pages, they have helpful ideas for interior options that are an inspiration.

From the Summerwood Products page, here are just some of the popular Cabin styles.

popular Cabin style of Summerwood Products.

Here is a snapshot of some other products like sheds and even playhouses.

explore Summerwood Products.

The couple says: “The design continues to please us – we love the dormer, the rounded door, the tall ceilings – and Summerwood was helpful throughout our experience.”

I love this dreaming big in a charming tiny house story.

Amazon has DIY house and cabin designs and plans too.

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