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  1. O my gosh that is just to cute!!!! How neat is that little thing!

  2. House Crazy Sarah says:

    It’s a cutie, that’s for sure! My kids would love to stay there!

  3. Thanks for the nice comment. I got a kick out of this one too.

  4. What a great find! It really is like something straight out of a cartoon. Love it!

  5. Thanks Anj. Mom used to read Mother Goose to all us kids growing up so it makes me happy you mentioned the nursery rhyme.

  6. I know right? It is soo expensive. Maybe you and Steve can build a crooked little playhouse for the grandchildren someday.

  7. Love the mother goose story Sue. What an amazing little find.

  8. I really like that crooked little shack, but there is nothing little about the price. If I was handy with tools, it would be fun to create my own crooked little shack.

  9. Your kids would have a ball playing in or sleeping in this cute cartoon shack wouldn’t they. You and Del could build one out of pallets like this.

  10. No, this tiny house is not for actual living in that is for sure. Kids would love it for a playhouse and sleep overs.

  11. This is really a cute shack. I would enjoy hiding out in one of these.

  12. Now that’s one interesting listtle shack! Kinda cute in a way. I would go insane if I ever had to live there lol. I can see it as a cute little guest house for sure though!

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