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  1. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely article and the photos are amazing too! I love how you put together these information. Easy to read, very relatable and great tips! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Black Friday Sales says:

    Beautiful pictures. Love this house. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. This is an awesome property and in San Diego County! I love that area. This house it so charming and I love the red tower!

  4. That is so true, it truly is spectacular. I can see a lot of love and care went into this home by the owners.

  5. Someday I wish for a house like this for you and your family Heather.

  6. Hi Anj, it is a great home and I fell especially in love with the windows and kitchen cabinets and the water tower and guest house.

  7. Loving everything about this home on my dad all those French doors and windows I spoon. Thanks so much for showing us this great home

  8. Wow this house is gorgeous! I could spend hours in that kitchen. The hardwood floors are to die for! The bonus building is great too, I would also turn one of the rooms into a craft room. This is a great find as always!

  9. Lauren Empey says:

    Thank you for the beautiful write-up Sue! This is a truly spectacular estate and I can’t wait to find the perfect buyer for it.

    To anyone reading or commenting, I am the listing agent and I welcome you to contact me with any questions or to set up a tour. My office number is 858-230-8644.

    Thank you!!

  10. Thank you Carolann. This is a special home to me with it’s guest cottage and adorable water tower that has a summer kitchen and other room at the top.

  11. Wow that your Dad burned down the water tower by accident. That is a story in itself. It is kinda cool though that you have a memory of a water tower too.

  12. I always thought of Valley Center as being out in the middle of nowhere, but it looks like the area is more developed now.

    The water tower brought back memories of my grandparents’ water tower. Unfortunately, my dad burned it down by accident one day.

  13. What a beautiful home, Sue. I love every room. The kitchen is a dream. What an amazing find. I’m drooling watching the video too. You are so right when you say it’s impeccably maintained. I love the decor too. Ah, what a dream to own this beauty.

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