The Oldest Log Cabin In America: Nothnagle Cabin

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The Oldest Log Cabin in America: Nothnagle Cabin

In 2011, experts declared Nothnagle Cabin to be the world’s oldest cabin standing in its original place. The oldest log cabin in America is in Gibbstown, New Jersey. On the market for $2.9 million, it dates back to 1638. 

Oldest Log Cabin In America: Nothnagle Cabin in NJ is on the market for 2.9 million. It dates back to 1638.

The cabin was built by Antti Niilonpoika, a pioneer Finnish Settler known by his Americanized name, Anthony Neilson. For over 100 years the cabin stayed in the same family. 

Then in 1968, Harry Rink bought it. He had spent time there with the owners, his relatives, back in the 1940s doing chores and repairs. He and his wife have maintained its original condition. The cabin received recognition, was added to the Library of Congress in 1922, the State Register of Historic Sites in 1922 and The National Register of Historic Places in 1976. 

This is the Oldest Log Cabin in America still standing in its original place. She is for sale in New Jersey for $2.9 million

Nothnagle Cabin: Was built of strong white oak, square-hewn logs with carefully fitted dovetail joints and trunnel pins (wooden dowels) requiring no nails. The bricks used in the asymmetric corner fireplace were thought to be brought from Europe and used as ship’s ballast.” 

It is amazing craftsmanship how our oldest log cabin in America is still standing with a little help from loving owners.

The iron pot hangers, used for cooking over the fire, were dated as far back as the 1590s. 

The Oldest Log Cabin In America: Nothnagle Cabin

I am trying to imagine how it would be to cook and raise a family in those days. We are truly lucky to be living now with all our conveniences. 

“The cabin has not been lived in since 1918. The Rinks have been giving educational tours of the cabin since there were first married. They like showing visitors how pioneers lived at the beginning of the country’s history.”

In the olden days, a pioneer family lived in their cabin for many years. Later when the children were older and more space was needed, they would add a larger home on to their original cabin. “Such is the case with the Rink property. Two hundred years ago, the family built a larger colonial home attached to the cabin where the Rinks live and is part of the sale.” 

The house now has three bedrooms, one bath, an eat-in kitchen, dining room, and parlor. 

Oldest Log Cabin in America For Sale

The oldest log cabin in America is 2.9 million. The sale comes with artifacts, antique furnishings, and all fixtures. The Rinks who are in their 80s now would like to continue the tours for as long as possible. 

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The listing agent is Christina Huang of Weichert Realtors.

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