“Blast From The Past” Movie House

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“Blast From The Past” is a movie made in 1999 starring Brendan Fraser as Adam, Alicia Silverstone as Eve, Christopher Walken as Calvin, and Sissy Spacek as Helen.  I liked the movie and the crazy fallout shelter house.

THE OPENING PLOT:  Calvin is the half crazy, nuclear physicist  genius husband who has built a full functioning fallout shelter underneath his house in the suburbs.  It’s the Cold War/Cuban missile crisis time and Calvin and his wife Helen are taking shelter one night when at the same time a plane crashes into their home and being down in the shelter, Calvin believes a nuclear bomb has been dropped, all life is gone, and only he and Helen are survivors.

Blast from the past movie scene

He panics and hits the button that  locks them into the shelter for 35 years (the time it takes for it to be safe to return to the surface).

house from movie Blast From The Past

Meanwhile, up above, authorities believe the couple was annihilated from the plane crashing into the house.

Blast from the past movie with Sissy Spacek

Helen is pregnant and goes into labor and they aptly name their child “Adam.”

One of the first things Helen asks for is a ceiling in her bedroom and Calvin easily complies as he has any and all supplies  stocked, so he gets right to it and makes a ceiling for the bedroom.  

They watch reruns of Jackie Gleason (for 35 years), because Calvin put the show on a projector.

They grow their own food.

Mom shops with a grocery cart in isles among the 35 years worth of supplies.

Blast from the past movie Malt Shop

Time passes in the movie by showing what is built topside in place of their home which begins as a Malt Shop

Blast From The Past movie scene

and over time turns into many different places, like a bar shown here,  over the span of 35 years.

Blast From The Past

Adam grows up and is home schooled of course.  Here he is getting boxing lessons.

Fast forward to 1995 and it’s 35 years later and Adam’s birthday.

Adam goes topside image

The time lock opens and mom and dad let Adam go up into the world to get supplies and to hopefully find a girl.

kissing scene from movie Blast From The Past

He finds a true love who is aptly named Eve!

Blast From the Past movie scene

Adam’s friend finds certificates from the 60’s in Adam’s suitcase that are from companies like IBM and AT&T.  Turns out, they are extremely valuable.  So what does Adam do now that he is a multimillionaire?  He does what any good son would do.

Adam builds a house for his mom and dad up on the surface that is just like the fallout shelter house, only it’s topside with grass, trees, and blue sky above.

Mom and Dad are fascinated by the microwave oven.

There it is, the fallout shelter house replica only it’s topside and crazy, nitwit, Dad is marking out the land in the backyard to build yet another fallout shelter.


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