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  1. Hi Ed and thank you.  You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area and lake.  Hope all is well there with the threat of Hurricane Sandy.

  2.  @Pisces904 Amen to Bob.  I remember “Sick and tired”  “I am sick and He is tired”  Or, it was something like that.

  3. Pisces904 says:

    My favorite scene, is when bob and the son are sleeping in the same room, yelling ridculious things to eachother. yelling at the top of their lungs. Yes a grown man acting out his childish ways, It reminds me of my ridiculous self sometimes. I also love how bob was happy go lucky after all the horrible words were said to him, he kept going on with his life. Not caring about the people who hate him. which was his doctor he loved dearly. This movie makes me smile, and will always remind me of my father, Yelling BOB BOB WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! for school each morning. which made me mad at the time. I look back and I crack up at these simple days. Bob was a simple man who just wanted to be loved, and he didn’t stop until he found what he needed. Amen to bob 

  4. Hi again SiddySlackr! Thanks for all the GREAT information and comments!

  5. Hi Connie! What a great comment because I am sure a lot of people watch movies and TV and take it all in.

  6. connie pritchard says:

    it is a lovely home, never noticed, just watched movie

  7. connie pritchard says:

    I loved the movie, but never thought of looking at the house. It is a lovely home.

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