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  1. Hi Kelly, you are confused. The inside of this house was used to film the inside movie scenes, as I said in the article.

  2. Sorry, this isn’t Skeeter’s house. The house they used for the outside shots were filmed at a house that is located just out of the city limits. The interior shots were of the Garden Club headquarters. I’m pretty sure the house on River Road that this article is about wasn’t even used in the filming. It’s just a big white house, lol.

  3. I love a wide staircase as well and that landing could be a bedroom it is so big.

  4. This house looks huge. I think my favorite parts are all of the beautiful trim and the staircase. It is so wide compared to my skinny little thing! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. It is a great price. Must be nicely priced homes in this area. It is always nice to hear from you my friend.

  6. $240,000?? Wow, just wow!

    Beautiful details and fine craftsmanship went into this home! Can’t believe that price!

  7. Glad to hear from you today Heather and that you like the house and movie which is such a classic now.

  8. Love all your sweet house shown today in this post. Love all the skeeters. Very pretty.

  9. Hi Fabiola! Nice to hear from you. You are like me then with looking at the furniture and drapes in movies. Have the nicest holiday weekend.

  10. fabiola garcia-guzman says:

    Love this house so much, when watching a movie like this one, I can’t stop looking at the furnitures, drapes and accesories more than the movie itself. Great post loving it.

  11. That is a great price for this beautiful home. I love the front porch! I hope someone buys it and makes a lovely home for their family.

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