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  1. Me and Tim are looking forward to living in a Ranch someday ourselves. I am now following you on Bloglovin Jenny. Thank you for stopping in again.

  2. How fun! Being a scout for homes that are used for TV or Movies, is a job I would have never even given any thought about doing. WOW, how fun would it be to look for a house to be used in or on TV ?

    Ranch style homes are very common in California, long before the Tuscan look started taking over. I grew up in a small Ranch Style. Love them.

  3. Well that must be an oversight. I\\\’m sure the Scottish crown is making amends as we speak. Hahaha

  4. HBO should just call me first for recommendations. I have heard our family blood line can be traced back to Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, but no Scottish royalty has come forward claiming us as heirs to the throne.

  5. Wow Carol. This is a fantastic list of events about movie houses that I am so excited to hear about. It would be just not right for your neighborhood to be portrayed as sleazy since it is so beautiful; I remember. If the movie comes out, let us know about it and maybe we can see you on the big screen as an extra!

  6. Well aren’t you a trend setter! Getting the goods before HBO. I have watched The Family Tree- the episode where he thinks he might be related to the fascinating guy in a photo only to find out that his ancestor was the photographer…and then I lost track. Thanks for reminding me to tune in on Sunday nights!

  7. Thanks Sarah, it was so fun to see this house on the show and recognize it.

  8. House Crazy Sarah says:

    that’s so neat Sue! You have an eagle eye for these TV houses. And congrats on your team’s big win the other night!

  9. A friend lives in Studio City and has rented out her Tudor style house for movie shoots.

    Friends on our street made the money to buy their beach house by selling a typical 50s tract house in town that had been used as Julia Robert’s home in Erin Brokovich. They hung a poster from the movie on the wall and billed the house in ads as “the Erin Brokovich” house. It sold for substantially more than other houses on the street.

    Our beach community was just used for an indie film. With the amount of graffiti they put on our beach wall (finally they painted over it) and the lack of organization when we went to be extras in a block party scene, I don’t hold much hope for the movie doing well. And, all of us in the neighborhood are not happy that our area might be portrayed as sleazy.

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