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  1. Thanks Pinky, I am still thinking about your table, the nests, and birds!!

  2. I loved reggai music the first time I heard it. This was a great tour, thanks! And you are so cute!!!

  3. Jamaican’s certainly don’t have a fear of color. I love that blooming plant, framing out the door of Bob’s childhood home. It was fun to see a photo of you enjoying Jamaica.

  4. Jeeze Cheryl, you saw Bob Marley before he was famous! This little post has created some of the most interesting comments.

  5. In the spring of 1974 my girlfriend and I travelled to Ocho Rios. I can’t remember where we stayed, but at the hotel pool the musical band was Bob and the Whalers(?). He wasn’t famous yet, but I really liked his music. His house looks beautiful too.

  6. Oh wow Carol, again, your life was and is so intriguing. I remember the bus ride to the hotel, seeing the coastal line and being wowed by the trees with the red blooms that may be called Poinciana trees – I will never forget them. We did visit a grocery store by the hotel and were struck by the lack of refrigeration. We bought peanut butter and bread.

    I recall now that my sister’s sister-in-law was a resident there as a travel agent for awhile and when she came home to Illinois, she was always..cold. Thank you for your memories.

  7. Thanks Sarah and he is laid to rest in a mausoleum.

  8. Thanks for the memories. 1974 – 1975, we taught school in Jamaica. We lived in the center of the island in Mandeville which you probably didn’t visit and then moved to Port Maria which you might have passed through as it is not far from “Ochey”. We did our grocery shopping in Ocho Rios. Our son was born in Kingston although we lived on the north coast because the hospital wasn’t”up to date” in Port Maria where we lived. The house we rented for $115 a month was spectacular in design and was right on the main highway that runs all around the island. The view was incredible. Oh to have had money back then to have decorated it. It could have graced the cover of Coastal Living.

    We learned about reggae at that time and have been fans ever since. My husband got to see him in concert, but we were only given one ticket and I was home with the baby. I do a lesson with my students about getting to the deeper meaning of words and to grab their attention (middle schoolers) I use Bob Marley lyrics. Obviously I pick acceptable songs, but the kids love the lesson each year. Someone always says, “this is poetry.”

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    BTW – That’s a great picture of you Sue!

  10. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Neat! I had no idea that he died from toe cancer! Is he actually laid to rest IN the house, or in the outside yard?
    Jamaica looks like fun – I have heard so many good things about it.

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