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  1. I love it when you visit me and make such inspiring comments. Thank you Cheryl!

  2. If they ever open it up, I aim to take photos. You and Cheryl have a cool idea to make it a visitors center.

  3. I love little odd places like this. How about making it the town visitor center with brochures, a public toilet, and of course- selling artesian water! Seriously! You do find the most interesting places Sue. You’re NEVER boring.

  4. House Crazy Sarah says:

    what a cute little building! What about a tourist kiosk with local info, etc? Too bad we can’t see the inside!

  5. Thanks for your awesome memory about a Scottish Lord in a kilt! So neat. Your idea of the tower being a Birthday Party site is just perfect.

  6. All your ideas are so cute. What about a site for birthday parties? For boys it could be the site of the siege in their play battles. For girls, the princess is trapped and everyone must rescue her.

    I love when a blog evokes a memory for me. When we lived in Jamaica, the next dwelling on the hill we lived on was a tower. It was owned by a Scottish lord and one time he came to visit in his kilt. A friend rented it and threw a party in the 4 story ( 1 room per floor) tower. We roasted a pig in the ground.

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