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  1. Even my hubby was looking at the house for $59,900 this morning. Such a great house.

  2. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Great post Sue! I love seeing what’s available in different ‘hoods! If I had to pick….. I would probably pick the one priced at $59k. It looks in decent shape and I would keep the vintage cabinets in the kitchen! But you know me – I like em old!

  3. Hi Sharon- We gutted our kitchen years ago and it’s no treat to live through. I always love it when you visit me Sharon, have a nice day.

  4. I am having a wonderful day now since your visit Jenny Lynn. Sooo glad you had fun.

  5. This was so much fun. House Hunting, could be my favorite past time hobby. I love that you can do it all on line now and take a nice walk through. You have shared some really charming homes. That first one, the front door caught my eye. The historic house for a bargain is something I dream of living in someday. That house with the wonderful porch, was beautiful. I could sit with a hot cup of tea and visit with dear friends for hours.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love the yellow house, though gutting the kitchen in the other one would be a great project – one that would surely spread through the entire rest of the home!

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