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This is my friend Connie’s coffee themed kitchen.  It has an unusual coffee cup kitchen table and four chairs, and some cafe decor on the walls and a coffee themed clock.

I really like coffee.  I like to measure it out whether already ground or whole bean.  The aroma of coffee is comforting.  Pouring it into a favorite cup and adding cream in just the right amount makes me happy.  It’s my daily ritual that means everything is good and right with the world; at least for that moment.

Coffee is my reliable friend I depend on to zap me awake no matter the circumstance.

Coffee Themed KitchenThe large COFFEE cup framed photo sets the stage for Connie’s cozy coffee themed kitchen. Maybe a coffee themed kitchen or decor is not just a trend in decorating. Its a tribute to a beverage that is loved and used everyday by many of us.  A few coffee decorations sprinkled about the kitchen is reassuring like a hug from an old friend. 

Coffee-themed Kitchen Table and ChairsFor Mother’s Day, Connie’s three kids gave her this glass cafe themed kitchen table and chairs.

Coffee-themed Kitchen ChairAll four chair backs have a carved cup of java.

kitchen coffee wall art She also has an espresso clock and some cafe wall art.

Cafe wall art

Cup of Coffee NightlightA soothing cup of java nightlight comes in handy for early risers like my friend who often is off to work at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Connie's art Connie has two kids out of the house and her last one is either at work or at school, so suddenly she has a lot of time on her hands.  She has returned to her love of art and had this piece displayed at a church art fair and was thrilled when the offers to buy it started pouring in.

~Thanks Connie for sharing your cute coffee themed kitchen~

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