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  1. Some pops of color in the kitchen for sure would be fun. I’m thinking some purple!

  2. Very cute- I think with something that small, it would be fun to make it into a little jewel box with color and special details. Those floors are gorgeous, but the kitchen needs help.

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful comment Shannon. You actually just made my day.

  4. I just love seeing the houses you post. Your commentary is awesome on them. If I ever decide to move I’m letting you know to help me find a home.

    Shannon ~

  5. lmao too funny! I tend to always get furniture that is way too big for the area so my hubby has me measure everything now!

  6. Shutup! There is also a bathroom and bedroom in this cute nut sized house. You’re hysterical.

  7. It’s cute for sure! I think all of my stuff in my office alone would fill that house lol.

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