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  1. I love living in Massachhusetts. The homes are so beautiful and full of history. This cottage is simply adorable, too!

  2. You can put your wine in a bucket on the beach. Drop me a line if you ever hear of a Massachusetts home since you’re a native.

  3. Thank you very much Jeanne. I am so excited to see you here. I strive to find the cozy homes. If you see one that is great, drop me a line.

  4. A tiny little bungalow that is just right. You have a way with words that I want to steal.

  5. Thanks Julie, I was thinking how energizing the green color is. This is my little virtual beach cottage-LOL

  6. Wow! this is simply adorable!! I miss Massachusetts so much! There is just so much history and the homes big or small are fantastic! The yellow in this one just screams sunny beach house! I would have to find a way to have a bigger fridge though! Where am I going to put the wine? 🙂

  7. How cute is that cottage? I adore the apple green and the crabs 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to live in a house with dormer windows – I dream of having cozy little window seats or a desk tucked into them. This tiny little bungalow would be just right.

  9. I love these cozy homes so much more than the homes of the rich and famous:) I was thinking the same thing about the wood cabinets that you wrote – nice to see some pretty warm wood cabinets – probably because mine are wood too.
    I enjoy your site very much!

  10. That is incredible that the little cottage stirred childhood memories for you and I can tell they are heartfelt. Coincidentally this cottage reminds me of summers when I vacationed with childhood friends at a lake.

  11. Describing it as a dumpling was perfect! When I was a kid, my parents owned a bungalow in the Highlands NJ and while it wasn’t as small or as cute that one, it took me right back to my childhood. I think I was 16 when they got rid of it. This one is truly perfect for spending those summer days next to the beach. Love the patio are for sure!

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