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Starship House on Top of the World by James Schildroth

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Starship house was designed by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect James Schildroth.  This futuristic type starship house sits on top of the world with panoramic views in Bar Harbor, Maine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Frenchman Bay, and the mountains and forests of Acadia National Park. 

Starship house is actually the Starbird House named after its owners who requested this unusual house design.  It was featured in Portland Monthly Magazine where James Schildroth shares that brackets hold the whole house up and that he designed Starship house to maximize the effects of the sun and deflect the wind.

The house is inverted with the widest living area on top offering panoramic views and then smaller living areas at the next level and so on for a total of 4 stories. Twelve rooms in Starship house include 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1/2 bath, and 7,800 square feet to ramble about.  This unique house with wings is on the market for $5,300,000.

Starship House on Top of the World by James Schildroth I think Captain Kirk and the crew would feel at home here.

Starship house by James SchildrothAn excellent view showing the inverted house with the widest part on top and showing its above the tree tops panoramic views.

30 Strawberry Hill Rd Bar Harbor MEI can’t say there is anything warm and fuzzy about its appearance, but its a great one-of-a-kind home.

Starbird Living room

It would be breathtaking to look out everyday above the tree out your living room windows…

Starbird house Kitchen

not to mention your views from the kitchen and many other rooms.

Starbird House bedroom

Great window seat behind the bed.

Starbird House 30 Strawberry Hill Rd Bar Harbor ME

The bedroom, office and other rooms get the multiple paneled window views.

Starbird House nestled in the forest

Nestled in the center of nature as if it is a ship that landed.

See Realtor.com  for more information if you’re in the Bar Harbor, Maine area and would like more details about Starbird, a.k.a. Starship house.

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