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  1. I am a big fan of Dick Van Dyke. There SHOULD be a committee in his home town, for sure Linda. Thanks for commenting and you can guest post anytime, I’d love it!

  2. Oh my – thanks for this post (and thanks for commenting on my last blogpost!). I love him and this is such a sad thing. I will tweet to see if it helps. Such a wonderful, talented actor – there should be some kind of committee in his home town to keep his home from being a victim of the wrecking ball.

    I will send you a PM on FB but I have an idea for a blogpost (guest post I could write for you). There’s a home for sale on Long Island that has a pretty nifty Provenance of a famous author who lived there for awhile. The home has not sold – and it looks pretty sad.

    Thanks again for commenting!


  3. In a little unknown town in Iowa called Winterset is the house where John Wayne had some of his childhood and the town gets a lot of tourism from this with even naming the street where the house is after John Wayne.

  4. You’ve dug up another interesting article for us Sue. So sad that homes’ histories are not always recorded and maintained. I bet there are lots of similar gems out there. Hope someone takes the challenge.

  5. That is so sad your students summers are not filled with the beach community activities. I love to watch kids doing the skate ramps.

  6. I think the house would bring a flock of tourists too if they restore the home.

  7. You’ll get to enjoy Mary Poppins all over again with your little guy when he gets just a little older.

  8. House Crazy Sarah says:

    What a shame – that could be such a great tourist attraction for the community! I hope they can save it.

  9. One of the things I like about our beach community is the kids. We are loving watching what we call “The Surf Divas” out in the water catching more waves than the boys. The older kids look after the younger kids. There is a skate ramp at a house behind us and if the kids aren’t on the beach then they are in the backyard skating. They skateboard to the yogurt shop and even filmed a commercial together about their fun times- one of our neighbors is an award winner commercial photographer.

    In contrast, my students live in the ghetto, rarely leave their homes due to safety and their summer days just don’t compare.

  10. I really hope someone is able to save this home. I loved him in Mary Poppins too. Thanks so much for sharing Sue.

  11. Thanks Carolann, it’s nice to hear from Dick Van Dyke fans. I followed him on Twitter now too.

  12. I did some reading and I think the previous owners of the home had no idea about it’s famous heritage, but you’d think a historical society would have done some digging around about the house.

  13. I voted for you and hope you win. Now that the town knows it was Dick Van Dyke’s house I think they will save it.

  14. It is sad that they didn’t know it was his childhood home, and I hope they do restore it for sure. He was one of my favs going up for sure. Keep us posted if you hear any news on this too!

  15. I agree with Erica. We are a throw-away society and the homes of our heritage are among those things we throw away all too readily. I also agree with Sue: Danville didn’t know that was the house one of the most famous people in the world grew up in? Or did they just not care?

  16. It’s just sad when any old home is set to be demolished rather than restored. What a great article!

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