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  1. Hi Doreen and thanks for the visit even while you are away on vacation too. You rock!

  2. Like carol, this apartment is not my style, but i do appreciate the craFtsmanship and Details. I remember getting a glimpse of it in her documentary a few years ago. I cant imagine that anyone woulD destroy the gilding and moldings though! That would be terrible!

  3. I wonder if the new owners will remodel it and destroy all the golden glory as it will take a certain kind of person to appreciate the decor.

  4. My brother lived in NYC when he was younger. His Apt was so small he could spread out his arms and touch the opposite walls.

  5. this is quite the penthouse. I can’t image having a place this big in the city.

  6. Very Grand!Bold! Beautiful! The view is one to drool over for sure. I love it. It really is the perfect setting for a glamorous movie.

  7. You and me think kind of alike as I spent a long time staring at the terrace and views. Thanks for the nice visit today.

  8. Majestic – that sums it up perfectly Carolann. I am kind of happy she got to live here after all the years of work she did.

  9. It is extremely embellished with antiques from another era. I wonder if new owners get all the furniture or if it will go to auction?

  10. O my gosh I love that view from the patio the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. She really lived an extraordinary life! What a beautiful penthouse! I can only dream of such wonders! Thanks for sharing Sue…truly majectic!

  12. The house is a far extreme from my style, but it is totally amazing. Imagine having all that space in NYC.

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