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Joan Rivers Penthouse Back On The Market

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Joan Rivers Penthouse Is Legendary

Joan Rivers Penthouse is back on the market for the asking price of $28,000,000. This is just slightly less than the listed price of $29,000.000 back in 2012 when I shared the grand old Manhattan Penthouse on Joan Rivers Penthouse.

Corcoran has the new listing and calls Joan Rivers Penthouse “New York’s most legendary apartment. This coveted Penthouse is changing ownership for the first time in 25 years.The penthouse is a turn-of-the-century opulent mansion of the Gilded Age.”

The Manhattan apartment is ornately decorated and I agree is legendary. I wish they would film a movie here before it sells to show off all the lavish gold and gilded decor.

Joan Rivers Penthouse Back On The Market. It's a opulently decorated Manhattan apartment full of golden, glilded decor very fitting for hard working Joan Rivers!

One of my favorite rooms in the Penthouse is the Music Room with its curved window seating area. Back in 2012 the maintenance on the apartment was listed as a quarter of a million dollars per year.

Joan Rivers Penthouse Music Room - Corcoran NYC listing

Another view of the music room showing the cloud ceiling and 2nd-floor upper balcony. The far room past the columns is the ballroom.

“The second floor, with a mezzanine that overlooks the music room and ballroom, leads to the master suite that has French doors opening to views of Central Park. Staff quarters can be accessed from this floor, which has a separate staircase leading to the kitchen.”

Our most loved and missed Joan Rivers did a lot of entertaining here over the years.

Joan Rivers Penthouse Ballroom has 23 foot ceiling - Corcoran NYC Listing

The Ballroom and other reception rooms have 23-foot tall ceilings.

Joan Rivers Penthouse ballroom with golden gilded details including the circled ceiling

The awe-inspired circled ceiling in the ballroom. The ballroom and adjacent music room have “gilded antique boisserie paneling and columns.” Joan Rivers had all the details restored by museum-trained artisans.

Joan Rivers Penthouse Dining Room - Corcoran NYC listing

Her majesty and queen of comedy dined in elegance with 18th century mirrored panels and gilding. The dining room and library below have a wood-burning fireplace.

Joan Rivers Penthouse Library - Corcoran NYC listing

Joan Rivers Penthouse Terrace - Corcoran NYC listingJoan Rivers Penthouse Terrace

It’s an 11-room Condo at 1 East 62nd Street just off Fifth Avenue. There are two kitchens, five fireplaces, four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and 5,100 square feet.

Joan Rivers Penthouse entrywayTo get to the rare and historic Joan Rivers Penthouse, there is a private elevator arriving at the foyer.

The 1903 building is a limestone mansion originally owned by Gilded Age millionaires Alice and John S. Drexel.

Joan Rivers had a net worth of over $150 million. After her death, her only child Melissa Rivers also inherited the Penthouse.

On Sunday, February 9th, Joan Rivers won her first Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album “Diary of a Mad Diva.”

Listing is Corcoran UPDATE: Joan Rivers penthouse is now sold.

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Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Like carol, this apartment is not my style, but i do appreciate the craFtsmanship and Details. I remember getting a glimpse of it in her documentary a few years ago. I cant imagine that anyone woulD destroy the gilding and moldings though! That would be terrible!

  2. I wonder if the new owners will remodel it and destroy all the golden glory as it will take a certain kind of person to appreciate the decor.

  3. My brother lived in NYC when he was younger. His Apt was so small he could spread out his arms and touch the opposite walls.

  4. Very Grand!Bold! Beautiful! The view is one to drool over for sure. I love it. It really is the perfect setting for a glamorous movie.

  5. You and me think kind of alike as I spent a long time staring at the terrace and views. Thanks for the nice visit today.

  6. Majestic – that sums it up perfectly Carolann. I am kind of happy she got to live here after all the years of work she did.

  7. It is extremely embellished with antiques from another era. I wonder if new owners get all the furniture or if it will go to auction?

  8. She really lived an extraordinary life! What a beautiful penthouse! I can only dream of such wonders! Thanks for sharing Sue…truly majectic!

  9. The house is a far extreme from my style, but it is totally amazing. Imagine having all that space in NYC.

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