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  1. My friend Connie says there were two basement episodes.  The one you mentioned is about a relative of Buddy’s who wants to prove to Buddy he is changed and is not a pool playing shark anymore, and the other one is where the show went back in time when Rob and Laura bought their house and there is a huge rock in the basement, but I am not sure if Rob and Laura have the rock or if Jerry and Millie have the rock in their basement.  

  2.  @Sue Housekaboodle Oh thank you!  I really penned that piece more than two years ago, as a “thank you” to Andy, but I felt compelled to rerun it last week.  Your compliment was much appreciated!

  3. Thanks ethelmaepotter, and thanks for commenting so I now know about your excellent blog that everyone should visit.  Your post about Andy Griffith is probably the best one written. 

  4. Love this!  And yes, definitely get that book – I have it and LOVE it!

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