Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Compound Is 70 Million

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Wayne Newton is selling his Las Vegas compound for 70 million (see updated price below).  The compound was going to be turned into a museum about Wayne Newton, but word is that he is bankrupt.  Wayne Newton has a celebrity net worth of 100 million and I gather being bankrupt in his category doesn’t stop a lifestyle.

He and his wife just bought a new home close to the ranch compound for sale for a few million dollars and shortly thereafter bought an additional 10 acres.  Their new home has all the typical luxuries celebrity lifestyle affords and can be seen on Redfin.

The ranch on the compound for sale for 70 million has extra luxuries including a Jumbo Jet Terminal and a car museum with seven bay doors.   The home also is or was a zoo; as the animals have been sold off to a Zoo Wildlife Center.  He had prized Arabian horses and other animals he kept.  There are 37 stables, equestrian pool, acres of corrals, game room, and a tennis  court to list a few amenities.

Wayne Newton's Las Vegas Compound Is 70 MillionRanch (I use that loosely) has three bedrooms, four full baths, and three partial baths.  It was built in 1952 and notably has seven additional homes on the property!  The company working to turn Wayne Newton’s compound into a museum invested millions of dollars to improve the property, including adding more animals to the zoo, before the bankruptcy.  

Golden gatesThe pearly golden gates allowing entrance to 6629 S Pecos Road, Las Vegas.

Jumbo Jet TernimalHis jet taxi’s up to the house for easy access.

Wayne Newton property for sale 70 MillionJump over to the listing on Sotheby’s for more details.  The ranch and seven other homes sit on 40 acres and have “too many amenities to list.” – Sotherby’s.

* UPDATE: The compound price has now been reduced to 48 million.

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