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  1. Great to hear from a fan of Portlandia who remembers this house Jenny!

  2. Portlandia cracks me up. I don’t get much time these days to watch it either. But, I do remember this house. I am so glad you shared it. I love that coffee table. It is so cute, and the fact that it is repurposed is cool.

  3. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    Sue, you amaze me with the unique and beautiful homes you feature. I have never watched this show, but it is always so interesting when you share a home that is prominently featured in a show or movie.

    I watched the finale to American Dream Builders, too. The winning house was painted black on the exterior and was gorgeous. But, the first place was beautiful, too. Sorry to see that show end.

  4. Oh wow o wow that the 2 winning beach houses on American Dream Builders are near your house and you know the winners! I am thrilled for your friends. The black/white house turned out extremely beautiful and I also loved the other beach house too. So Yes, I was watching the show every Sunday night and loved it all.

  5. The orange and green is so colorful.

    I have never watched Portlandia, but people tell me I need to.

    Are you familiar with the Nate Berkus show, American Dream Builders? The reason I ask is that the season finale was on this week and the 2 beach houses that were renovated are near my house. The winning house is owned by a brother and sister who are friends of ours. They grew up in the house, but neither can afford the millions of dollars to live there so they keep it rented out on a weekly or monthly basis. We watched the episode on Hulu, but didn’t see the entire show so I don’t know what the other beach house turned out like.

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