Front Door Home Improvement Ideas

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front door

One of the 10 Home Improvements that get you your money back is front doors. It’s a quick and simple upgrade and one of the first impressions your home makes. So set out the welcome mat and install a new front entry door if you’re in the market to sell.

This is a look at front doors for inspiration.

glass front door

I like doors that lets light in like this one from Lowes.

entry door

The exterior door in black instead of the usual white is exactly what frames this beautifully.  The more I do this blog, the more I like the color black for its drama.

traditional front door

A similar entry door but with a mail slot.
beautiful blue front door

Maybe all one needs to upgrade their front door is to paint it.  

Chip It paint colors

I used the Sherwin Williams Chip It tool to find the blue and there are advanced tools to find even more colors.

red door on grey house
yellow front door

Two houses above have great color combinations especially the yellow.  

Contemporary entry door

Contemporary entry door in San Francisco with what may be opaque glass in the squares.  I read the flowers are called orange vanilla popsicle.  

country home front door

Inspiring country home front door with soft colors and unusual hardware surrounded by a lot of trim detail.

traditional entry

I am the most inspired by this excellent round red door and matching round exterior door, the pathway, the red flowering plants that compliments, and the lighting.  No home improvement needed here that is for sure!

Other suggested improvements I read about for getting your money back that are not a quick fix are…. attic bedrooms, decks, siding, kitchen, windows, basement, bathroom, backup power generator, and any addition like an expanded master suite or extra bathroom.

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