Little Yellow Houses

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Today I am showing you delightful little yellow houses.

This little yellow house is my sister-in-law’s house.  She and her husband have been busy getting their home ready to sell.  Their house used to be grey and I am amazed at the transformation.  Her husband Dan made the window boxes, they installed new windows, and shutters, and while the door may look black, it is also a grey like the shutters and window boxes.

Charming little yellow houses
Little Yellow Houses

Normally, my sweet sister-in-law has flowers surrounding the front of the home, but this year has been difficult with the extreme heat and lack of rain, so she has kept the flowers down to her little patio that is hidden between the house and garage.  And, this picture is from early July so the flowers above are now is full bloom.  Nevertheless, the landscaping is soft and frames the home so charmingly.

** Many readers have written to me wanting to know the color of this little yellow house. Chris sent me a photo of the paint can information.  It is by Dutch Boy.

Dutch Boy Exterior Dura Weather Latex Flat House Paint. Nectar C8-4 or CB-4 (hard to read, but it’s one of the two)  The Colorant Name is C Yellow Oxid 48 96 192 384 and another reference number is DB800-03 (16). **

Their house is in Winterset, Iowa and homes are selling very well there so someone is sure to scoop up their 3 bedroom charming yellow home once they put it up for sale.  Some interesting facts about Winterset is they have John Wayne’s home where he was born, there is a famous yearly motorcycle rally, and the movie “Bridges of Madison County” was filmed in Winterset because of all the charming bridges in town.

Little Yellow Houses

Source: yellow house HGTV

Little yellow farmhouse with a balcony that is simple yet exudes farm charm.

charming yellow house

Source BHG.com

Be still my heart.  I want this little yellow house with its window boxes full of blooming flowers, the porch, and landscaping.

ranch with arbor charm - Little Yellow Houses

Source: BHG.com

A little yellow house that could go unnoticed if not for the welcoming arbors, fencing, flower garden, and the walkway leading directly to the sidewalk.  I do adore arbors of all kinds.

Yellow bungalow is part of Little Yellow Houses

Source: BHG.com

A craftsman with stone steps and foundation that is brightened up by yellow and white columns.  I think the homeowner’s made a great choice on the front door color of soft brown because it blends with the color of the stone like butter.  I admire anyone who has such full landscaping surrounding their home like this one.

Little Yellow Houses, this one has green trim and looks adorable

Source: Myhomeideas.com

 This little yellow home inspires me with its small about 4 foot fencing in front and the color tone of the green door makes it take center stage.  I am thinking that if someone repainted their house yellow or has a yellow house, they could use this color of green on the shutters and that would also look good.

This house has window boxes like most of the houses above so window boxes, little yellow houses, and white picket fences are my winning theme today.  Whaddaya think?

Update: Psst! The first little yellow house above in Winterset recently sold in one day! See all about it on Charming Yellow House Sold in One Day.

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  1. Hi Becky and it is so great to hear from you. The shutters on the house are wood and the color is a dark gray stain called Deep Charcoal which they had mixed for them at their local Menards store using Pittsburgh Paint Stain. The front door, steps and window boxes are all this same color as well.

  2. Thank you! We do have Menard’s here so I will get a can and try it. Looks perfect online.

  3. Good News, I had the information saved as another reader wanted to know what the house color is too. The paint can label says: Dutch Boy Exterior Dura Weather Latex Flat House Paint. Then it says: Nectar C8-4 or perhaps it is CB-4, hard to tell if it is an 8 or a B. Colorant Name: C Yellow Oxid 48 96 192 384 and another reference number is DB800-03 (16). So, they bought this paint at Menards that is like a Home Depot. I don’t know if you have Menards in your area, but the paint is by Dutch Boy.

  4. Your new home sounds lovely Laura. If you’d like to see if it’s a good match to be featured, send me some photos and info through email and/or contact me.

  5. We’re in the middle of a medium farm’y yellow/white trim transformation ourselves. We had quite a life lesson. A small 12X12 or 16X16 patch to check for color isn’t enough. We drove up and almost crashed our car. Way too bright. Had the painting contractor tone it down with white. Paint a wall (at least 1/2 way up). Almost finished, and I’m in love.

    Bought a white painted lattice wood bench for the porch, and some colorful bird pillows. I’ve always lived in HOAs, so this cottage is a new experience. Some neighbors were *itches about it (they are just that anyway), others are blue people and love it. Our home says “welcome” and is so cheerful.

  6. The first house we ever owned was a little yellow house.  We didn’t have the money to ‘cutify’ it so it never reached its full potential.
    Thanks for the fun house tour –  I love all of them.

  7. All of these yellow houses have so much charm.  With their sunny color, they certainly would lift your spirits every time you arrived home.  Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my Mushroom Houses post.

  8. Yellow houses with white trim are my absolute FAVS!  Thanks for the post.  
    Popped in from Gonna Love It.

  9.  @simplybydesign2 What a delight to hear from you today and I sincerely meant that.  Thanks for stopping by to remind me to come visit you.   

  10. I love yellow houses. They are simply charming. I have no doubt that your sister in-laws home will be snapped right up, because of how cute it is. The heat this year has been somewhat annoying. 

  11.  @House Crazy Sarah I know, right?!!  All I can think about now is window boxes and these yellow houses.  Someday, I hope to do the SIL house when it is for sale.  

  12. oh, some serious eye candy here! Great job Sue! Your SIL’s house is adorable – love the shutters and flower boxes (they almost look dark green on my screen). I’ll have to Pin some of these!!

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