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  1. If you are referring to the coffee table, that is a one-of-a-kind DIY piece of furniture and cannot be purchased.

  2. I would love to connect with you, ARod!

  3. Wow, Crystal, that’s so nice! I am giving credit to Sue for making me look good 😉

  4. Thank you so much, Carolann 🙂 I agree with you that Sue shares so many other great home tours!

  5. I met Dana at Bloggy Boot Camp St. Louis last year. She is amazing! And now I consider both of you my friends as well. Thank you for all of the kind words!

  6. Oh that is a perfect way of putting it…. making something out of nothing, I so agree with your Cyndi. I think Julie knows Dana too in our small blogging world.

  7. Please feel welcome to reply to commenters here as well.

  8. It makes me so happy you enjoyed the feature Julie. Your reply to me makes it all worth the while and I honestly believe your home is amazing.

  9. I just love Julie – I don’t remember how I became acquainted with her either – interesting….she hails from Omaha (my birthplace). She has a way with making something out of almost nothing. Love that pheasant feather art piece in the living room and what she did with the sun room – wow (the only thing better would have been to get Mario to have posed for the after pic. Great post Sue…Wonderful house Julie!

  10. Sue, I can’t thank you enough for featuring my home on your blog! You really make me look so much more amazing than I am, haha 😉 What a treat to read the wonderful comments from your friends, too. I so appreciate all of you and would love to connect. What a nice thing you do here for other bloggers, Sue…I am feeling like I won the lottery today!

  11. You came up with a great description on Julie’s “raw talent” and how she brings “nature into so many aspects” of her home.

  12. I love how beautifully decorated this house is. I like that she brings a bit of nature into so many aspects of this house.
    That is some raw talent with the painting and decorating the home like this.
    This was a fun home tour.

  13. Oh yes, the animal print chair is to die for and to think Julie did it herself.

  14. So glad you are connecting with her Anj as I thought especially of you often as I read about her projects.

  15. what a great tour Sue thanks so much for sharing I’m headed over to follow her now she seems right up my alley

  16. Love her sunroom. Another great home tour Sue! Mario is adorable too! That chair in her dining room is stunning!

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