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Renaissance Mermaid Happy Home Tour

This week’s Happy Home Tour has us at home with Julie Reinwald who blogs on Renaissance Mermaid. Isn’t that one of the most wonderful blog names you’ve ever seen? I happen to love anything mermaid and even have a pinterest board about them. Her tagline, “redesigning a home and a life” fits her perfectly.
Julie has loads of DIY projects and home design ideas on Renaissance Mermaid. Her style is on the elegant side with a touch of fun along with some really unique pieces. Julie finds a lot of treasures at yard sales and then makes them over to match her home decor.

I don’t remember exactly how I found Julie on Renaissance Mermaid, but I am so glad I did. I am on the hunt for dining room drapes so it may have had something to do with her dining room curtain before and after post that is an amazing transformation.

At Home with Renaissance Mermaid Happy Home TourWelcome to At Home with Renaissance Mermaid starting with her wonderful spring wreath on the front door painted this refreshing color of green.

Front porch at home with Renaissance Mermaid on Happy Home TourIf you follow Julie it will not be hard to know she likes the color green.

Front porch table scape by Renaissance MermaidA wonderful spring tablescape includes this bird house Julie painted that used to be a solid red. I have a lot of favorites of Julie’s and this is number one!

Renaissance Mermaid Before and After Front Door

Renaissance Mermaid front door beforeThe front door before stood the test of time and was the typical white for many years until one day….

Front door afterwhile the cat was out to play. In this case the cat was the husband, Julie had painted the front door an emerald-green and then decided it needed to be this nice olive-green color.  Husband never “said a word” and either he did not notice or has the wisdom not to make a comment. Ha! This is so endearing as husbands are like that aren’t they.

At home with Renaissance Mermaid stairway decorating personal touch with greyhound statueJust inside the front door is the stairway landing with a stylish oval mirror and a personal touch dog statue of a greyhound in honor of The Reinwald’s greyhound Mario.

At home with Renaissance Mermaid - Artful entryway idea using Doorknob shadowboxesVisitors are also greeted upon entering with these doorknob shadow boxes and keys. I love this ingenious front door decorating idea of doorknobs and keys.


Renaissance Mermaid living room featured on Happy Home TourJust wow!. Julie studied home design and it shows. I am crazy about the round coffee table, windows above the fireplace and mixed patterns.

Pheasant feathers, branches and faux flower pod wall decor by Renaissance MermaidAn original and elegant wall decor by Julie was made with Pheasant feathers, branches, and faux flower pods.

Spring mantle decor with forsythia branches, wreaths and bunny by Renaissance Mermaid on Happy Home TourThe most adorable spring mantle with twin wreaths, forsythia, a bunny and little white chick underglass.


Inside Dining Room of Renaissance Mermaid Happy Home TourOriginality and elegance! The elegant chair here and seen below were re-upholstered by Julie. Her home is full of vignettes like the bird nest on the silver tray.

Spring vignette by Renaissance MermaidI just got a bird nest yesterday and want to clone this idea..See more about this setting on A Little Touch of Spring.

Dining room drapes beforeDining room drapes before and the after below shows how hanging drapes from floor to ceiling makes an impact on how a room looks.

Elegant dining room inside Renaissance MermaidThe dining room after. I am in awe of the mix of chair back styles and colors and how well they look together. Take a back seat House Beautiful!

Renaissance Mermaid living room with new floor to ceiling drapesHere’s Mario hanging out in luxury.

Drapes are from Bed, Bath and BeyondJulie found her new drapes at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love the style of the rod that looks like an arrow.


Renaissance Mermaid craft room as featured on Happy Home TourThe walls are hand stenciled by Julie. Her high fashion craft room has a fun secret….

 Pop art seat cushion hand painted by Julie of Renaissance Mermaid. Plus the walls are hand stenciled.and that is this pop art seat cushion hand painted by Julie.


Renaissance Mermaid bathroom before

Renaissance Mermaid bathroom after

Like I said she hunts down treasures at flea markets, garage sales and tag sales. The bathroom mirrors had a plaque in-between them. A bigger one found on a treasure hunt looks so much better than the smaller plaque.

Fun shutter found at a flea market by Julie of Renaissance Mermaid

Cheetah print rug in the bathroomI have to say Oh my gosh how much I love the fun cheetah rug.


Before sunroom floor is red and Mario the greyhound catching a napBefore the floor in the sunroom or sun porch is red with Mario sleeping in a hysterical position.

After sunroom with green floor and black rugSunroom after. The floor is now green and looks amazing. The black rug is from Ballard Designs. Julie says “the black grounds the room and lends some drama to the space.”

Cupboard Door Table by Renaissance Mermaid

DIY coffee table out of an old doorThe coffee table in the sunroom is an old door painted black DIY project. Clever how Julie attached plain stock legs purchased at Lowe’s and painted them black. Then the doorknob and table legs ends got a touch of glam gilded in gold.

DIY cupboard coffee table

Centerpiece by Renaissance Mermaid - sun porch as featured on Happy Home TourI have a lot of Hosta and never thought of making a centerpiece out of Hosta.

Gold mask convresation piece - Renaissance MermaidA conversation piece is this mask that was plain wood before it got a gold makeover. The cabinet that holds photos aka faces now has an icon.

Antique chairAn antique chair with a carved face completes the look. Very cool how she tied all this together.

By now I know you’re probably thinking…but does Renaissance Mermaid have a mermaid?

Wooden Mermaid sign Renaissance Mermaid home decorThe answer is yes, of course!

Get to know more about Julie on Renaissance Mermaid. Plus here are a few highlights: Cupboard door table makeover and 3 Good Reasons to Hang Floor-to-Ceiling Draperies.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Happy Home Tour as much as I did.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. 

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