Homes In Lovely Settings

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Homes In Lovely Settings

Homes in lovely settings to look at for landscaping ideas and inspiration.Lovely landscaped homeSource: Naperville Real Estate

This house has airy shading with mature shrubs of different heights framing the house.  I loved this soft shady setting as soon as I laid eyes on it.

beautiful house

Source: Chicago Area Listings

It does have mature trees surrounding the property but I like the rose bushes that compliment the rosy colored brick on the house nicely.

house in St. Augustine Beach Florida

Source: OceanForestDrive

I like the simple landscaping at this house in St. Augustine, Florida that has mature trees and simple ferns growing to greet visitors.


Source: Frontdoor

A bungalow in Ross, California with structured landscaping at different levels like the house itself.

Homes in Lovely settings: A curvy path bordered by a lush flower garden

Source: BHG

It doesn’t have to be about bushes and trees.  Consider a curvy path bordered by a lush flower garden.

lovely spring front yard

Source: BHG

Or plant a bulb garden and watch spring come to life in your front yard.

Mountain home

Source: Architectural Design

A mountain home with architecture so wonderous no large bushes or trees obstruct the front of the home with simple low growing plants and bushes and tall lanky forest trees.

Source: GardenViewCottage

Cottage garden setting perfects this wonderful house that reminds me of my grandparent’s place.  So much so, that I stopped what I was doing and started scrounging through old pictures only to realize I don’t have a picture of their home, but I know my sister does and getting a copy of their house is now on my mind.

Shady garden retreat

Source: SouthernLiving

This shady garden retreat would take years to create if starting from scratch or if your lucky you might happen to buy a house with mature landscaping like this that draws people’s attention.  I know if I was driving by this house I would slow down and be in wonder.

This house from a past post I did called English Country Beauty has outside landscaping as stunning as is the inside, so if you need your inside of the house fix head over to this link and enjoy.

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