Groundhog Day Movie House Is $985,000

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Groundhog Day Movie House is on the market for $985,000.  In the movie the house was “Cherry Street Inn” a fitting name for an eye candy Victorian Lady.  In real life, like in the movie, it is now a Bed and Breakfast but named the Royal Victorian Manor by the owners who lovingly remodeled her.

Groundhog Day movie house lives in our hearts along with Bill Murray who woke up repeating the same day over and over again until he got it right; we all would like a do-over.  Many scenes from the Groundhog Day movie were filmed in Woodstock, IL where this home resides at 344 Fremont St.

Lets take a look at this grand old Queen Anne built in 1895 who is looking for a new owner; a do-over.  The Groundhog Day movie house’s value has increased with time like a rare coin.  The movie was released in 1993, and recent real estate records show the house sold in 2008 for $435,000.  She has more than doubled in value.

Groundhog Day Movie House Is $985,000Zillow

While the Groundhog Day movie takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania , it was actually filmed entirely in Woodstock, IL save a few scant scenes. 

Queen Anne 344 Fremont St Woodstock ILZillow

Scenes from the movie of Bill Murray (Phil Connors) and Andie MacDowell (Rita) come to mind so easy gazing out from the porch.

Groundhog Day movie houseTrulia

344 Freemont Groundhog Day houseTrulia

A nice side and back view of the house we never saw in the movie.  Some of this could be from the renovation.

344 Fremont Woodstock, ILTrulia

When the house sells, I am wondering if the new owners will keep it a Bed and Breakfast or make it their home.  Either way, this is a fabulous front porch to watch the day go by on a Sunday afternoon.  Let’s go inside.

Stairway 344 FremontTrulia

The grand staircase.  There is likely a back stairway in a large home like this, but no photos available.  Exterior filming of the Groundhog Day movie took place at the house and a set was built for interior filming.

Kitchen 344 Freemont Woodstock, ILZillow

Nice updated kitchen in this old girl.

Dining Room 344 Fremont Woodstock, ILZillow

Drooling over the Royal Victorian Manor Victorian era decor.

Bedroom 344 Freemont Woodstock, ILZillow

One of the seven bedrooms.  A total of 8.5 bathrooms too in this nearly million dollar famous movie house.  I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher kept repeating every morning at six o’clock on February 2nd until Phil got the day right from the bedroom in the house.

2nd kitchen 344 FremontZillow

Surprise that there are two kitchens.

The leap Groundhog DayI wanted to tell you about the Opera House in Woodstock where Bill Murray flung himself off the roof; one of his many attempts at suicide to stop the madness or reliving the same day over and over.  In the movie it was “The Pennsylvania Hotel.”

Woodstock IL Opera HouseWhile the architecture is marvelous in this 1889 Victorian-era building with touches of Gothic, Early American, Midwest, and Moorish elements, what happened there in the 30s and 40s is intriguing.  After the fall of vaudeville and traveling acts in the early twentieth century, this little Opera House became Chicago’s first summer theater.  Some very famous people started in Woodstock in this now famous movie film Opera House.

“Produced in 1934 by Roger Hill, headmaster of Woodstock’s Todd School for Boys, the Shakespeare plays starred his young student, Orson Welles.  Welles was joined by Michael MacLiammoirand Louise Prussing, who also established international reputation as classical actors.

In 1947, a group of citizens formed and supported the Woodstock Players.  For several years the Players, provided acting experience for students graduating from the Goodman School.  Now-famous personalities Paul NewmanTom BosleyBetsy PalmerGeraldine PageShelley Berman and Lois Nettleton were among the more notable personalities.”

Acting companies still perform here today and the Woodstock Opera House is a fully modern theater that kept its historical character.

I’ll be going to Woodstock and visiting some of the Groundhog Day movie sites like Tip Top Cafe and Neds Corner where Phil kept stepping in the puddle, and of course to see the house when the weather is nice.  Meantime, take a walk down memory lane with some of the suicide scenes from the film.


Zillow and Trulia as above.

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  1. What a nice trip down memory lane for Feb. 2. I would love a big ole porch and that staircase and kitchen aren’t bad either.

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  3. i just adored the staircase and almost everything else except the 2nd kitchen but i guess for a b&b it was needed great post Sue

  4. This is an amazing House Sue! That movie was hilarious and is almost part of the vernacular now! Great post!

  5. Thanks for the look at this pretty Victorian. It is much larger than I want in my old age, but she is a beaut.

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