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  1. Oh you made my day that you watch is too often too. Hope my comments on your site display because I don’t see them like usual.

  2. I had to go back and look several times until I found myself.

    How sweet that I was included!

  3. I watch this movie way too often! I love all the love stories that are interwoven.

    The house in France is wonderful and I loved the street that Keira Knightly’s house was on.

  4. Thanks Cyndi and I also feel the same way about you too and absolutely wanted to include you here today. Looking forward to our new year together and all your amazing design ideas.

  5. Sue, you have been one of my most faithful supporters – even though we have only known each other via our blogs for less than a year, I feel that we have become fast friends. I’m glad you feel the same. I look forward to all your beautiful posts each day it’s a great way to start my morning. Merry Christmas!

  6. I will be happy to look for a house for you, that could be a fun post or private project, just tell me your area. My Love Actually post just would not be complete without you of course. Thanks for all your support as well and have a Merry Christmas…actually.

  7. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    Sue — you made my day. So thankful that you tagged me as I’ve been very absent from the blogging world the past few weeks and hope to correct next month.

    This was one of the sweetest posts ever and yes, I’ve seen this movie several times and loved it. Now, I want to get on Netflix and view it this week-end! I absolutely love how you tied all of us into the end of this. You are a dear. You’ve always been one of the most supportive friends. I hope to sell me house next year and wish you could find one of your gems for me here in my daughter’s school district which includes high school next year. 🙂

    Love and wishes for a wonderful Merry Christmas to you!!!

  8. Thanks Art, it’s great connecting with you this year and I am happy you liked the Love Actually movie post and collage.

  9. Great Post Aunt Sue. Love the collage..

    Hope you are having a good December.

    Merry Christmas.


  10. I am thankful for connecting with you this year. I left out the hysterical scene when the store clerk is wrapping the present for Harry’s secretary-priceless, like you.

  11. Big love actually {{hug}} to you Sarah for a great new year. Wait until the kids are sleeping to watch this one.

  12. House Crazy Sarah says:

    So touching Sue! I have never seen that movie, but now I HAVE to! It’s been a rough year for me so I really needed this – thank you~!

  13. SO three girls and ONE was adopted out? Why? (you don’t have to tell me). I’m just being nosy.

  14. One more is the Gods were against me to get this post done and I finally defied them at the stroke of midnight. Other more in a nutshell is Jackie was adopted out as a baby, sisters tried to find her, she tried to find her bio family, and finally 3 degrees of separation made the connection.

  15. What a wonderful post! I am honored to be included! Love you girls and I am grateful every day that we found each other! Now to go watch this awesome movie AGAIN!! 🙂

  16. Clever play on words Anj and like the the British say…Happy Christmas

  17. OMG! What a lovely post and not just because my ‘mug’ is in it! How clever to retell the movie story and then create your own photo montage! I am honored to be included. You are a true diamond among gems. The story of the reunion is a incredible! Tell us more!

  18. actually love this post Sue thanks so much for including me
    Wishing you the happiest of holidays xoxo

  19. Why thank you Carolann. It would not be complete without you for sure. So many more people I wanted to add and ran out of time and space.

  20. What a lovely post Sue! I’m honored to be a part of the tribe! If you weren’t for you and Anj, none of it would have happened and for that I thank you both! Beautiful tribute to you and your loved ones. <3

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