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  1. Dream boat.Yes I’ll take the house,and the man that starred in it too for that matter:)

  2. Goodness Jenny Lynn, you’re a fan after my own heart for loving this movie and house too.

  3. OH, I love this movie, and the houseboat. I never grow tired of admiring it. I would pay a nice fee just for one night of sleeping on it. 🙂 Glad it finally sold.

  4. It’s kind of neat when watching the movie to think that someone is actually living in this love boat. Have a nice weekend Ashley.

  5. Love that movie! The boat is gorgeous!!

  6. I think these houseboats are pretty rock solid and don’t sway too much, but the lap of the water must be incredible.

  7. wow that blk & white bathroom and it must be awesome to sway in your sleep.

  8. I’m happy to hear from you again Crystal. Your comments are a joy to read.

  9. Oh my goodness this is such a beautiful house boat. I’d love be in it and on the water. It’s gorgeous!

  10. It would be so sweet to have the extra 2 million to vacation here.

  11. One of my favorite movies !! I could totally live here 🙂 Thanks for sharing the details with us

  12. What an adorable houseboat! I love the interior! Another one to dream about 🙂 thanks so much for sharing such beauty!

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