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Real Life UP Movie House & House That Can Fly

Up, do you remember the UP movie?  “Adventure is out there!”  I was tickled pink when I found out about a real-life UP movie house that was built by Bangerter Homes in Harriman, Utah in July of 2011.

Real life Up Movie House replica in Harriman, Utah built by Bangerter Homes

Mr. Bangerter, the builder, is an animation buff and wanted to create this house for that reason, but also because of his other passion, houses.

After getting approval from Disney, Bangerter Homes and a team of subcontractors painstakingly made a replica of the UP movie house down to each and every detail including the weather vane, front door, light above the door, mailbox, and garden hose.

Building a real-life cartoon house is an adventure, venture on and see the results.

Real life UP movie house replica of Up house in Harriman, Utah built by Bangerter Homes

They had custom replica furniture made for the inside of the movie house.

Real life Up house replica living room

Living room with replica furniture, but the new owners will be using their own furniture.

Kitchen in the real house replica of UP movie

New retro-blue appliances in the kitchen.  I am loving this refrigerator and oven that look perfect with the soft white cabinets.

Stairs in real life UP movie house

Real-life stairs, like you’re walking inside of a cartoon.

Up nursery image in the real life house

The baby nursery mural (remember they wanted children and it never happened) was also replicated in the real-life UP movie house.

The Real UP movie house in Utah is a replica of the house in the movie


But, only a couple of the rooms from the Up movie house were replicated.  The builders used their imagination for the rest of the home which includes extra bedrooms, a movie theater, a finished basement, and they added a garage.

The Real Life UP movie house in Utah

The 2,800 square-foot Victorian replica was on the market for $399,000 and is located at 13222 S. Herriman Rose, 5390 West in Harriman, Utah.  It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Tours were ongoing until it was sold.

Some of the surrounding property owners were hoping the house would be repainted in a more muted tone to comply with the homeowners association, but not all of them felt this way and realized that if it is painted then its uniqueness will be gone and there would be nothing special about the house or their neighborhood.  I would have a hard time asking the new owners to repaint their darling UP house, wouldn’t you?

For adults and clever kids check out this fun 3D craft kit of the UP House on Amazon.


Real house that can fly experiment just like the UP movie house

But what about flying houses, can houses really fly?  Back in March of 2011, National Geographic had a team at an airstrip in Los Angeles build a 16 x 16 foot, 18-foot tall house and used 300, 8 foot brightly colored weather balloons, and set a world record for the “largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.  Their real-life Up house went up 10,000 feet and flew for about an hour.  The Up experiment was for a  new National Geographic show called How Hard Can It Be.  I wish I had seen that, it would have been magical.  Seeing the pictures and reading about it is close to magic.

UP house that really flies - National Geographic experimentg
Weather balloons inside of Up house - National Geographic

Two pilots took the ride up 10,000 feet in the experimental Up house.

Inside of Up house balloon experiment
Up house weather balloon experiment
Real flying Up house experiment - attaching the balloons in the early morning - National Geographic

Attaching the balloons in the early morning hours.

Real flying house experiment was a success - houses can fly just like the UP movie house

Lift Off.  It took a lot of work to get everything balanced just right to get the house flying straight up and level.  I am thinking of this as an extra, extra large hot air balloon ride, but it’s a flying house, pinch me, it is a flying house.

In flight is a house like the UP house that really did fly
Flying Up house experiment was a success

There it goes. I wonder if someone not connected with the experiment saw this flying house on the morning of its flight, and I wonder what they would have thought.  I picture them rubbing their eyes to make sure they are seeing what they are seeing.   Just incredible.  There is an Up house video on National Geographic to watch to get the full effect on youtube here.

Goodbye flying house.   Goodbye Real Life UP movie house; hope you like your new owners.

Credits for Up houses to highdefdigest.com, National Geographic, moo2u.com, Bangerter Builders.com.

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