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  1. Well it will be interesting to see if it sells, as he is an experienced “house flipper.”

  2. House Crazy Sarah says:

    wow – a barber’s chair? That’s one amazing house! Love the Art Deco elements – they did a great job with the renovations. But I wonder if they will get anywhere near the asking price of $25mil? I know Holmby Hills is posh, but man, that’s some appreciation over a 2 year period!

  3. I wonder if someone famous will end up buying this prestigious property. You are correct, it is Art Deco!

  4. I have thought about tin ceilings before, but had never considered a brown oven.

  5. OH My what an entrance! The over all feel of the house is Art Deco or at least it feels that way to me. It really is an amazing house. l

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