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Jeremy Renner’s Mansion Is $25 Million

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Jeremy Renner’s Mansion

Jeremy Renner’s mansion in Los Angeles is newly on the real estate market for $25 million and is a must-see today.The actor of The Bourne Legacy and The Avenger is a 10-year veteran of successful real estate house flipping with around 15 previous properties flipped in the Los Angeles area and now hopes the Holmby Hills neighborhood mansion will be added to the list.

Originally purchased for 7 million in 2010, the mansion has been completely renovated with the help of architect Philip Vertoch and designed by Renner’s partner and actor friend/designer Kristoffer Winters.

The mansion now has six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, five fireplaces, a theater, is 10,000 square feet, and has multiple pools and fountains scattered about the property.  Zillow calls the mansion “a roaring 20’s Art Deco style home fit for a 21st century Howard Hughes.”

It really is a wonderfully designed estate with details that are a feast for the eyes, so here’s a look-see into Jeremy Renner’s other on-the-side talent of real estate.

Jeremy Renner’s Mansion

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

Welcome to Holmby Hills Mansion.  “Get Bourne- find him!!”  If you don’t happen to know who Jeremy Renner is or you haven’t seen The Bourne Legacy, here is a look.  I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies and was on the fence for this new Bourne character, as nobody can replace Jason Bourne in my eyes.  I did like Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy, but missed Jason Bourne and his cast of sidekicks from the previous trilogies.

Celebrity Networth lists Jeremy Renner’s net worth as $9 million, so the sale of this house will increase it by a bit and then some.  However, I am unsure of what date his estimated net worth was calculated.  I believe it may be behind as it does not list his role in The Bourne Legacy.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionWikimedia Creative Commons

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

One of the reported many fountains scattered around the estate, cobblestone driveway, and easy access drive-up entrance.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

I’m enamored with architecture and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to feature Jeremy Renner’s mansion.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

The ceilings are 14 feet high and this entrance looks like an arrival to a palace.  This is single-story luxury living.  I don’t think Jeremy Renner will have trouble flipping his mansion.  I can stay right here and stare awhile.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

Floor to ceiling windows and I count 10 chairs around the dining room table.  I notice the pedal-shaped chandelier.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

This brings new meaning to a fully stocked bar.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

Kitchen has two islands serving different tasks and a tin ceiling that I admire.  Ah, yes, it would be nice to wake up in the morning and sit in one of the white comfy leather chairs and have coffee in the marvelous kitchen.  I am wondering if the furniture comes with the $25 million dollar price tag?

Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

What a wonderful kitchen.  The warm brown double ovens, cabinets and flooring colors are so calming.  The upper kitchen cabinets are distinctively glass doors.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

A close-up view of the tin ceiling shows the amazing details.

Jeremy Renner's Mansion Is $25 MillionBusiness Insider

Love the shape of the couch as well as the rich purple color.  Actor Kristoffer Winters is Jeremy Renner’s close friend and real estate partner/designer and he could easily make a living just as a designer because if this mansion is any judge on talent, Winters’ gets my vote.

Jeremy Renner's mansion has this extremely lovely master bathroomBusiness Insider

The master bathroom earns merit on its own with the placement of the windows that are even above the sink and vanity. Be very quiet while I sigh.

Jeremy Renner's mansion has its own barber chairBusiness Insider

This superfluous mansion comes complete with its own barber chair…who’s next!

theres-even-an-opulent-movie-theater-in-the-home-with-red-walls-and-curtainsBusiness Insider

Red curtains and walls, comfy seating; now where’d I put my ticket?

there-used-to-be-a-tennis-court-and-the-real-estate-website-says-it-can-be-added-againBusiness Insider

Beautiful trees and lawn surrounding the patios and rear of this scrumptious mansion some super rich peoples’ can soon call home. If you want to see more of the many amenities not shown like the living room, pool, spa, patios, and bedrooms, visit Business Insider or Zillow.

What room was your favorite? I like it all, but my favorite room in the mansion is the kitchen area.

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  1. Well it will be interesting to see if it sells, as he is an experienced “house flipper.”

  2. wow – a barber’s chair? That’s one amazing house! Love the Art Deco elements – they did a great job with the renovations. But I wonder if they will get anywhere near the asking price of $25mil? I know Holmby Hills is posh, but man, that’s some appreciation over a 2 year period!

  3. I wonder if someone famous will end up buying this prestigious property. You are correct, it is Art Deco!

  4. OH My what an entrance! The over all feel of the house is Art Deco or at least it feels that way to me. It really is an amazing house. l

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