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HGTV Rehab Addict Star Says Save This Historic Minneapolis Home

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HGTV Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis, host of the home improvement DIY channel show, wants to save this old house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So do many people in the neighborhood.

HGTV Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis told Fox 9 News “The entire structure of the original house is still there.  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not valuable anymore.” Even with a popular HGTV star fighting to save this old house it is destined to be torn down.

The owner has tried to sell the home and a developer wants to buy it and the house next to it and build a four-story 45 unit complex.

Since the house was built in 1893 by master builder T.P. Healy, many locals have fought to keep the house for its historical value. HGTV Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis even offered to buy the house for $400,000, but was outbid by the developer.

HGTV Rehab Addict Star Says Save This Historic Minneapolis Home Minneapolis Post photo by Karen Boros

Currently, it is split up inside and is a boarding house with not much of the original historical trappings still intact.  The exterior shell is there so I agree it could be beautifully restored.

The fight to save the Healy House located at 2320 Colfax Avenue Minneapolis, MN has been going on for some time.

So much controversy over the home forced the city council to vote yea or nay. Last year they voted to save it.  Last week, the city council had to vote again. The verdict was to let the homeowner do with his property as he wants. The city council also said the Healy House does not meet preservation standards.  This means the home will be demolished!

I am all for letting a homeowner sell their property if they want.  I agree with that wholeheartedly and glad the city council is not taking his rights away.  I can see the preservation side of it too and feel bad that yet another four-story complex is going to be constructed.

I don’t like that when the home is torn down, other residents will have to relocate themselves.  So you can see how sticky these situations can get.

Have you seen the HGTV Rehab Addict show?  Nicole Curtis has captivated my attention. She works hard turning old houses back into beauties again.

I recommend catching the show and you too will be addicted.

Source: Minneapolis Post

CBS Minnesota

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  1. Awe, sorry to hear that. It happens so much everywhere. If you think of it, take a photo of that house before it is gone. I am so happy to hear from you again.

  2. I love watching Rehab Addict. Nicole certainly takes on some projects that look hopeless in the beginning. Flying a flag and planting a few flowers is a great signal to the neighborhood that improvements are in progress and the worst house on the block is about to become the prettiest!


  3. Old houses have such character – it’s a shame that there are a lot of people out there that are very short sighted! I haven’t seen Rehab Addict – I’ll have to add it to my list.

  4. I do hate to see an old house torn down. Some people just don’t like old houses. The first time my college roommate and her husband came to our little cottage, the husband suggested we tear down our little 1928 cottage and build a 3 story McMansion on the property. I can’t imagine tearing down a house with all the little details of the past that are left out of homes today.

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