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  1. Honestly, this was such a wonderful post and I am so happy for Laura and her husband selling their home so fast.

  2. wow how exciting you were right about it selling quick

  3. Hi Jenny Lynn, she is amazing and inspiring isn’t she.

  4. Cute house! Glad that it is under contract so fast. I went to check out her blog. Amazing! Inspiring!

  5. I hate to hear what happened to you of all people Candy. For every great home story, there are heartbreaking ones like yours. Please let me know when your home goes on sale and keep me posted if it sells this year. Crossing my fingers for you to get a big, fat, SOLD sign.

  6. I am so happy to hear Laura’s house has a contract that quickly. It is good to know. Of course it is a very nice house with lots of curb appeal and a very nice large and tidy interior.

    I am an accidental landlord with a primary home I wanted to sell and the home I bought and wanted to live in. The covenant for my HOA did not allow a home to be rented out (unless to a direct blood relative). So we rented out the home I wanted to live in (with a beautiful kitchen that cost me many thousands of dollars). That was six years ago, I will be trying to market this house again next year so you can imagine how encouraged I felt when I read Laura’s comment that she got a contract in less than a week. Congratulations Laura!!

    Thank you for sharing Sue! Have a great week…. Candy

  7. Oh my goodness Laura, this is absolutely BIG NEWS. So many people have trouble selling their home. Guess it pays to be the cutest house on the block.

  8. I am looking forward to moving somewhere in the coming years.

  9. Laura Lee Carter says:

    BIG NEWS! We got a contract on our house in less than a week! It looks like this is really going to happen now! Thanks for the great write-up Sue!

  10. I went over to her blog and read the story of her move.

    It is an exciting and scary thing to make such a big move.

    Thanks for sharing her cute house.

  11. I want to hitch a ride in Laura Lee’s pocket and live in Colorado looking at mountains.

  12. A Pleasant House says:

    Love Laura Lee and her home says it all. Her new chapter will be an exciting one, I’m sure. PS: that rounded wall is da bomb!

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