Come See Miller Manor a Trash to Treasure Story

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Miller Manor a Trash to Treasure Story

Miller Manor is a very special home feature today in my new series called Happy Home Tour.  Blogger Kelli Miller and her husband Ricky bought an old, run-down house with no electricity or running water they proudly named Miller Manor. Kelli had a long-time dream to live in a large home with lots of bedrooms.  She thought like a lot of us that the only way it would come true is if she won the lottery.

Armed with her ability to envision what this old house could be with a little (well a lot) of elbow grease, she is now living in her dream home.

The transformation is epic! They fearlessly took on this project and won the beautiful house lottery do-it-yourself style.

For this reason, she is a huge inspiration to me and many of the thousands who follow her on 3 Boys and a Dog blog, bi-weekly Learn To Blog Hangouts on Google+, and Learn To Blog Hangouts Forum that I highly recommend.

Miller Manor Renovation -front of house before transformed into a dream house

~Welcome to Miller Manor ~

Even before the renovation at first glance, you can tell it has great architectural bones. Windows are boarded up and she does not look user-friendly.

We watch the HGTV shows like Rehab Addict and Fixer Upper renovating old homes and remodeling them and the beautiful results. Kelli and Ricky Miller are the real deal. Their from trash-to-treasure home and weekly updates on her blog 3 Boys and a Dog could easily have been an HGTV show.

This is just one reason their home is the star of today’s Happy Home Tour. They are as happy as can be with the results. It is still in progress, but today they are now moved in and happy new homeowners.

Miller Manor Garage side of house- Before

Side view of Miller Manor gives a hint of just how big of a house it is. No renovation is complete without your handy best friend dumpster.

Before Miller Manor - The Miller's 1st day of renovation begins - See it all on 3 Boys and a Dog

Amazing before photos as seen from their 1st day of demolition. The couple did a major amount of work themselves with help from family and friends. Oh, this house is going to be gorgeous. Notice the back veranda and lower porch area. That front door was replaced and they knocked out arch doorways.

Power washing and repainting Miller Manor

Power washing the house to get it ready for new paint.

The Millers renovated an old house into dream house

Removed popcorn ceilings which my husband and I just did in our dining room. It’s a messy project that creates a lot of paint debris and dust from sanding, but worth the effort. The difference in how your ceilings look will be like night and day.

Tore down walls - old house becomes house beautiful

Tore down walls! The house had some odd paneling flooring and linoleum kitchen flooring they removed.

Knocking out cabinets for new kitchen - Kelli of 3 Boys and a Dog old house renovation 2

Ripping out the old kitchen cabinets. They did a lot of work on their home like removed sheetrock, old moldings, and baseboards.

DIY renovation by The Miller's
3 Boys and a Dog Miller Manor renovation front door

Just one of the many updates is the new front door and sidelights, paint color yet to be decided. They installed plenty of new windows.

3 Boys and a Dog Miller Manor Stairway renovation

New stairway railings and steps installed and stained. The couple installed most if not all the new flooring themselves.

Miller Manor beautiful stairway

Gorgeous view of the stairs that lead to the 2nd floor. Miller Manor has a 3rd floor too.

Miller manor railing
Miller Manor stairway

Stunning stairway after photos and we get a look at the new flooring.

Mysterious hidden door found while renovating Miller Manor

Old houses are a riot. You never know what you’re going to find. This is a hidden door they found behind a wall and decided to keep by turning it into…

3 Boys and a Dog Miller Manor Hidden door shelf unit

The mysterious hidden door is now a built-in shelving unit that can forever be remembered. Hey, they can say things like,.”oh yes, I put it on the hidden door shelf.  You only get great things like this in old houses.

Knocking out cabinets for new kitchen - Kelli of 3 Boys and a Dog old house renovation.

KITCHEN: Tore out the old cabinets and created a large area for a new big kitchen.

3 Boys and a Dog - Miller Manor new kitchen progress

Their beautiful kitchen has everything you could want and more. Here the progress continues with new ceiling lights, hanging pendent lights over the island, under cabinet lighting and glass door cabinet lights.  Plus I see a few fan lights.

New Cottage Kitchen cabinets 3
New kithen sink and counter tops

Their cottage-style white cabinets are adored by a mix of brown, tan, and black countertops.

3 Boys and a Dog Miller Manor renovation childrens bathroom

The new bathroom for Kelli and Ricky’s three boys.

Now they have their large home with lots of bedrooms dream come true. Some of the extra bonus rooms include a man cave, study, craft room, media room, pool table room, and home office.

From demolition to move-in ready they ran a 30+ day marathon. Whew! They’re the go-to expert renovation team now with stories to last a lifetime.

Miller Manor bedroom

Now comes the fun part of decorating all those rooms in the house.

This is but a small peek into their from-house-to-home journey.

Follow along from the start to where they are now starting on Introducing Miller Manor. Be sure to watch Kelli’s fun videos as she walks us through her home with a flashlight when the house had no electricity up to what the home looks like today.  Stay tuned and see you there.

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