Houses decorated for The 4th of July & Decor Ideas

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Some houses decorated for the 4th of July and other decorating ideas.  The house collage below is from a 4th of July parade of houses post I did in 2012.

I love Pinterest and want to be able to share more images from pins and some of my boards.

I’m sharing some of the red, white and blue decorating ideas I’ve pinned from a Link Party.  I like how the Pinterest board widget below shows the pins and each photo is actually pinnable when you click it.  Houses decorated for The 4th of July & Decor Ideas I didn’t want to let the holiday go by without sharing these houses decorated for the 4th.  I especially thought you’d enjoy the funky house painted like a flag!

We’re going to a big family gathering over the weekend.  Everyone is bringing a dish to pass and other odds and ends.  I’ve been asked to bring Potato Salad that is my Mom’s recipe.  The secret ingredient that makes it special and what everyone loves about it is French Dressing!

Use your Mayo or Miracle Whip and hold back a little on the amount and then make up the difference with French Dressing instead.  I promise you’ll love how it tastes and it turns the potato salad just a slight tint of orange or not so white that makes it more pleasing to the eye too.

Have a Happy 4th of July


Share this house! ❤️

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  1. I wish you a fast recovery on your back and have back problems on and off so I can relate. Mostly, I hope this is the end to your flooding! I am always so delighted to see your tables.

  2. I will be trying the french dressing in my potato salad in the future (too late for the Fourth now. I love the pictures of the houses showing their stars and stripes. I saw some of my pics in your collage – I feel so honored to be part of your post. I messed my back up last week and ended up cancelling our big Sunday cookout ( I was trying to move all of the stuff out of my garage to a storage unit after the second time it flooded in one month). I had already made most of the food, we are trying to eat up as much as possible before it all goes bad. The flowers for the table still look pretty good so I am going to see if I can do a table up tomorrow. I really want to share what I had planned for Sunday even if the table won’t actually be used. Have a wonderful week….. Candy

  3. Ugg, I know that the potato salad is going to be a lot of work for me and have heard from the family that they are going to help. Thanks so much for stopping in.

  4. Sue, your photos are so beautiful. Great idea with the Pinterest Collage!! And I love potato salad but usually leave it up to others to prepare. Great tip.

    Have a wonderful 4th!! Hugs.

  5. I love all the cute patriotic decor. As much as I love the flag, I don’t think I could paint my house to look like the flag.

    I’m not a potato salad fan, but adding French dressing sounds interesting. I have been asked to bring my homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. They are easy, but time consuming.

    Happy 4th!

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