CasaBubble Bubble Houses Of The Future

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I never thought I’d see a house shaped like a bubble or see people living inside a bubble.  Welcome to the Bubble Houses of the future by CasaBubble.

Sleep, go to sleep, in a dreamy bubble.

Experience nature like being in the comfort of your own home in a CasaBubble house.  Their tagline, Nature is Your Living Room, sums it up.

I’ve been on camping trips with a tent and slept under the stars as a child.  CasaBubble takes it to a whole new level with their unusual houses of the future.

CasaBubble described them as spherical concept houses.  Most models are either completely transparent with a 360 degree panoramic view or partially opaque offering some privacy.

CristalBubble – totally transparent.

BubbleRoom – is for living in and partly opaque.

BubbleDrop – Almost entirely opaque sphere.  Suggested uses are meditation, a quiet office or business meetings.

BubbleLodge – Deluxe version of the BubbleRoom

GrandLodge – Luxury version with an extra CristalBubble.

CasaBubble Bubble Houses Of The Future

CristalBubble is the only model that is totally transparent.  Nature lovers could just sit and take it all in.  And kids, boy, I could just see them stretching their imagination here all day totally free from pollen, allergens, and mosquitoes.


CristalBubble model can be ordered as a spa version (detachable floor and zipper all around the bubble base) to fit large items inside of it like a jacuzzi or large sofa.

CasaBubble BubbleRoom model
Inside BubbleRoom

You can spend the night in the nest-like BubbleRoom model sleeping under the stars.  When the sun comes up it will cast its first rays on the opaque wall knocking you awake.

BubbleRoom fits a king-size bed or round mattress, a TV or breakfast space, and has storage in the entrance.  Furniture sets and equipment are not included but can be ordered extra.


I like the 15.5-foot diameter BubbleDrop model that offers privacy with a horizontal window and circle opening at the top and an optional porthole window.  Set it up in your backyard for extra guests; no permits required.  BubbleDrop is the only sunblock model.


Expect the unexpected I guess because I did not imagine using a Bubble house in the winter! This model is BubbleLodge.

Solar cells or batteries are used for electricity.  The airlock technical principles are on their site, but the bubble keeps the air fresh with no moisture problems.

Lighted BubbleLodge

BubbleLodge is a deluxe version of BubbleRoom.  It has a second sphere to set up your living suite in the wild.  Ideas for the extra suite are for a child’s room, a dressing room, or yes even a bathroom.

All the bubbles have a wooden floor and opaque dividing doors that are round.  If you want a transparent door instead, just order it.

CasaBubble GrandLodge event

GrandLodge is the luxury version with an extra transparent CristalBubble attached to make a mini-apartment.  Bedroom and dining room/living room area.

Movie companies filming in remote locations would like CasaBubble houses for easy setup and takedown.  Heck, you could create a bubble village for large events or use one like the above example for smaller events or activities.

Not out of the house yet grads can temporarily live in a bubble house in nice weather and feel independent.

CasaBubble Wedding event

Stand out from the crowd or create an unforgettable experience.  Suggested rental uses are weddings, art exhibits, VIP cocktail bar or reception lounge, and private trade talks.


The CasaBubble concept began with The Tree Bubble by designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas to make a childhood dream come true.  The tree hut shields from the weather and is nighttime comfortable, and completely removable.

Sleep, sleep in a cocoon….

I like Pierre-Stephane Dumas’ philosophy. “In a bubble, you can take time out, get your breath, and put things in perspective.”

“Noises outside the sphere are muffled and sounds inside bounce back to the center of the sphere so people instinctively speak more softly.”  It calms and generates a feeling of well-being.

Doesn’t it sound like the perfect atmosphere for a newborn baby?

Maybe we should all live in a spherical structure like a bubble.  I am feeling calmer already.

See-through glass house

These concept houses remind me of the see-through glasshouse.

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