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Romantic 1921 Spanish Style Home In Anaheim CA

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Romantic Spanish Style Home

A romantic 1921 Spanish style home in the historic district in Anaheim, CA today.  It’s open house created some buzz with lines of visitors wanting a look at what “is probably the most photographed home in Anaheim” per an article in The OC Register.

I’m so happy to show you this locally famous California historic home.  The listing says the house is “reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.”

Intrigued, I had to take a quick peek inside.  I saw a charming home with romantic built-ins and an abundance of arched doorways and windows.  In fact, the listing does state it is “one of the most romantic homes in the district.”

It’s a Spanish Hacienda style house in Anaheim, California’s Mother Colony Historic District. White with red tile roof and trimmed in a stunning periwinkle blue.  I’ve featured some before like this Spanish style home, and a few others, but none as photographic as this one.

Last sold in 1994 for $250,000.  Today it’s on the market for $679,000 with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  She’s looking good for being 90 plus years old.Popular 1921 Spanish Style Home In Anaheim CADeliciously different!  I’m loving the color of the trim.
1921 historic home Anaheim CAAfter catching my breath and gazing at all the beauty to behold, I rang the doorbell to gain entrance to the kingdom.
1921 historic home Anaheim CA 2I didn’t expect that the charming arched windows on each side of the door would open and close like this.
Inside 900 W Broadway Anaheim CaDouble arch doors, triple arches, I never saw an entrance like this that is even more beautiful on the inside.

Interior 1921 Historic home Anaheim, CARed oak floors.  I am soaking in the ambiance of this room and the entire character of this Spanish style home.
Popular historic home in Anaheim CA for sale900 w Broadway Anaheim CA for saleSpanish style historic homeWe can go outside again through these charming, romantic doors, but let’s keep looking around.
Spanish style patioSpanish style patio and fireplace
Spigot water faucet and pondSpigot water faucet that bubbles into the pond.
Spanish Hacienda style kitchen At first I thought the upper kitchen cabinet doors were decorated with painted art, but it is actually stained glass. Stained glass french doorsPopular historic home in Anaheim CA for sale 2Love the clever storage solution of cabinets and drawers built into the walls of the hallway.
Bathrm Anaheim CA for saleEven more stained glass in the bathroom.

900 W Broadway Anaheim CA

For sale 900 W Broadway Anaheim CAThere she is in all her old Hollywood glamour sitting on a corner lot just waiting for someone to make her theirs.

Judging by all the buzz, if you want this popular Spanish style home, head over to Zillow fast for all the details before she is gone for another 20 years.

As for me, I’d love to be the Queen of this Spanish style castle living peacefully with my King and California subjects.

Lovely Spanish - Mediterranean houseHere’s that Spanish-Mediterranean house I mentioned that is interesting to see. It’s from a site called Home Shoot Home that advertises homes available for filming movies and TV shows.

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Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Do you know where I can find a rough copy or sketch of the floor plan for the 1921 Spanish bungalow home in Anaheim?
    I live in New Mexico and am planning on building a bungalow home here. This is the style we’re going for. Thanks for your time.
    J. Liddell
    Rio Rancho, NM

  2. Hi Faith, this is one of our favorites too. I don’t know the colors. If you print out a photo and take it to your paint store, they can get a match for you that way or use an online tool to get colors you see online like Sherwin Williams Snap It Button. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

  3. i love this so much! im trying to match the colors…the white, trim and concrete paint…do you by chance know the colors? 🙂

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