Pink Houses

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These pink houses don’t say I Love You on them like my Valentine’s Day Houses, but they have conjured up special memories for me.

When I was growing up I lived next door to a pink house from the time I was one year’s old up until I was 14.  My best friend lived there since she was one year’s old too.  Our houses were built exactly alike, only different colors and set on our lots in different angles.  We were the same age and experienced a lot of life together.  We both took dancing lessons and wore pink tutus and pink ballet slippers, went to fairs and amusement parks, shopped, swam, climbed trees, walked to the bus stop, and experienced boys and high school together in a way that no other friend I have had did.

Coincidentally, both our families moved at exactly the same time into larger homes and we ended up living just a few short blocks away from each other.  I remember how her house was bought by a family that had it moved to a different site in town and we took a ride one day to see it.  The new owners had not changed the color, it was still pink.

This friend of mine that lived in the pink house is gone now, so while these pink houses  have nothing to do with her, they have made me remember her in a new way.  I can say I Love You and I remember you with these pink houses.  My friend’s birthday was February 18th and I go on her Facebook wall on her birthday and write something every year now.

Here are Little Pink Houses for you and me.

Pink HousesSource: braytonhomesteadinteriors.blogspot.com via Nancy on Pinterest

Little pink houses for you and for me.  

Large Pink house CC Flickr Sheba_Also

Pink house on Brisbane River, Australia.

Small pink houseAdorable pink house with an amazing roof in Upper Brookville, New York.  Per the Flickr photographer, Dave Kilman, it is one of two tea houses that billionaire William Coe built for his little girls on his 409 acre estate around the beginning of the 20th century.

Two pink housesCC Flickr Travis S.

Two pink houses in Savannah, Georgia next to each other painted in different tones of pink with embellished trim.

Pink beach house

CC Flickr jwinifred

Pink beach house in Pensicola, Florida.

Pink house in BahamasCC Flickr solamu

Pink house in Dunmore Town, North Eleuthera, BS


Little Pink Houses for You and Me.  Happy Valentine’s Day and I LOVE all of my old and new online friends.

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