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  1. Thanks Carolann, it was awesome to see him pull the tree out of the ground instead of cutting it down, that is for sure. I love the horses and petite ponies that live on the little farm a few doors down.

  2. Wow that’s great Sue. You guys made it much fun and I love that little pony!

  3. Thank Brian, it was a really fun day and fun project to do as some neighbors came by to watch the tree get pulled out of the ground.

  4. Can’t believe he was able to just pull the tree out of the ground. Good for y’all for taking care of it yourself! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You make me laugh….good post

  6. No doubt you could. One thing though is that the evergreen roots were not that deep or extensive so keep in mind the type of tree. Let me know if you do it this way.

  7. Alright, that was awesome. I got a couple of trees in my yard that need to come out. Wonder if we could do the same thing to get them out.

  8. Hi Linda, this was the first time he took out a tree this way. It worked well since it was a pine tree. He keeps asking me what I want planted there in place of the tree.

  9. The neighbors were having fun with it to say the least.

  10. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Success! Yay! Love how your neighbor is yelling “get back to work!” Cute story & pics Sue!

  11. Nice tutorial. I still have sprouts emerging from my last tree removal

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