Castle – Bishop Castle Is A Kingdom in Colorado

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Bishop Castle in Pueblo, Colorado started long ago back in 1959 when young Jim Bishop at the age of 15 paid $450 dollars for 2-1/2 acres of land in southern Colorado.  Fast forward to his early married years when he started building a one room stone cottage for himself and his wife on the property using the free rocks on the land.  Family and friends remarked quite often that the stone cottage looked like a castle due to the tower shaped fireplace he built.  The idea of a castle took hold and Mr. Bishop began to do just that, build a castle.

News of a Kingdom being built in the mountains of Colorado spread.  Bishop often received offers of help from people who came to see what was going on, but even though he said, sure anytime, no real help ever arrived.  Hence, this has been a one-man castle-building endeavor of love.

Castle - Bishop Castle Is A Kingdom in ColoradoThere were no official plans or blueprints.  His book “Castle Building from my point of view.” chronicles the building and history of the castle.  He has handled every stone himself and done everything – hauled rocks from highway ditches, hand dug 12 foot deep holes for the foundations, mixed mortar and carried it up, made pulleys, and built scaffolds. 

Bishop Castle front view from the northOver the years more and more visitors came to see the phenomenal castle built in the mountains in Colorado.  Not wanting to charge visitors, Bishop allowed a donations box to help fund his ongoing building expenses.  Now, he only builds with donation money and has hopes to build an elevator someday.

2009 picture of Bishops Castle ConstructionThe American Dream – Jim Bishop believes in a free America to pursue your dreams.  The building of a one room stone cottage turned castle represents the American Dream in an inspiring and tangible way.

I want to be 15 again, buy some land for $450 dollars, and build a stone cottage.  How about you?

To read more history or plan a visit click over to the Official Bishop Castle site.

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I crown thee Queen for the Day or King for the Day, as the case may be.  

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All photos for this post via creative commons wikimedia.

Sources as linked above and wikipedia.

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  1. No worries Sue. Most people don’t know about the ugly side of Jim Bishop. Just Google “Jim Bishop racist” or “Jim Bishop rants” if you want to see what I am talking about. It’s not pretty.

  2. Oh my goodness. Sorry Sarah, I would have no clue that this happened and please accept my apology. I cannot even believe that someone would rant and be violent especially in front of children. Can’t judge a book by its cover! I hope you have an extra nice day today.

  3. @ House Crazy Sarah, That is to bad that a man you has such physical strength to carry heavy boulders, can’t be more kind to those who visit no matter our color. So sorry to read that, that happened in front of your children.

    Sue, I found the design of this castle intriguing. I have never heard of it before. Interesting that he relies on donations for building it.

  4. Oh Sue, I’m sorry you covered this. Bishop’s Castle is right near my house – not actually in Pueblo, CO – but in the San Isabel National Forest. I know the place well, I have been there many times. But I decided long ago never to do a post on Jim Bishop or his castle because he is a raging racist. I have personally witnessed Jim ranting and violently throwing out racist slurs at people who visit the castle. My kids are mixed race and they witnessed this as well. Never again I said and Jim Bishop will not ever appear on my blog.

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